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Additional Manuscripts b Dakyns, Henry Graham (1838-1911) schoolmaster
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Letter from H. Graham Dakyns to Nora Sidgwick

Thanks her for her letter. States that he has read the proofs of Henry Sidgwick: A Memoir, which she sent to him, and has made marginal notes throughout. Declares that he likes the way Arthur Sidgwick has done the early chapter[s], and that he does not believe that 'anything in the [ ] of literature of this order' has moved him so much. Refers also to 'the faithful record of a man's last days on earth....' Declares that the book is one of the best biographies ever written. Adds, however, that he misses in the book the presentation of his marriage as a source of his contentedness and 'beatitude'. Predicts that Henry 'will continue to draw his future men into him not only by his published writings of all sorts - but now by his example....' Adds that he has a card for Arthur 'fixing Monday 18th [ ] at Cambridge. Not at Oxford [as he hoped]'. States that he will be there.

Dakyns, Henry Graham (1838-1911) schoolmaster