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Copy letter from Isabella M. Anderson to Mr J. G. Frazer

Barskimming, Mauchline, Ayrshire. Dated 10 March 1911 - Thanks him for ['The Magic Art and the Evolution of Kings']; writes of her visit to 'Tiney' [Christina McCall Frazer] and found her better than she expected, hopes the doctors have it wrong, is glad she doesn't know of their suspicions.

Copy letter from G. G. Ramsay to J. G. Frazer

27 Pelham Crescent, S. W. Dated May, 1909 - Thanks him for his kind words about the Introduction [to his Tacitus' Annals XI-XVI'?]; doesn't wonder at Frazer's anger at being accused of conclusions in 'Psyche's Task' that he has not drawn.

Copy letter from John G. Bourke to Dr J. G. Frazer

War Department, Washington. Dated June 12, 1889 - Several of his letters to Frazer have been misaddressed and are being sent again; is revising his new books and asks for any references he may wish to send.

Copy letter from A. W. Howitt to J. G. Frazer

Eastwood, Bairnsdale, Victoria. Dated 16 January 1904 - His book ['The Native Tribes of South East Australia'] is finished, with [Lorimer] Fison's help; he and his daughter [Mary?] are going to Lake Tigers [Lake Tyers?] to get some photos of some old Kumai [Kurnai] men; Fison is in poor health; does not wish to burden Frazer with having to read the proofs of his book, as previously suggested.

Copy letter from John G. Bourke to Dr J. G. Frazer

War Department, Washington D.C. Dated August 28th 1889 - Has been on a tour of duty in connection with the Apache Indians; sent one of Frazer's list of questions to John S. Hittell; another was given to Thomas Keam, who has been living among the Moquis of Arizona and is an expert; the Turtle is a Moqui totem; might go out to the Moqui again and learn about the Snake Dance, but dreads the trip; was in North Carolina, where the Cherokees still use a blow-pipe gun.

Copy letter from J. G. Frazer to John Roscoe

Ben Wyvis Hotel, Strathpeffer Spa, N.B. Dated 8 June 1915 - Returns the proofs of the preface and illustrations [of 'The Northern Bantu']; is glad to have good news of Norman [Roscoe].

Copy letter from E. P. Hughes to J. G. Frazer

The Cambridge Teachers College. Dated Wednesday Night - Thanks him for the book he sent her, which she wanted desperately to buy, and which had caused her to walk 'up and down my room for half an hour fighting against the temptation to buy it'.

Letters from William Aldis Wright

To N. E. S. Hamilton, Miss E. M. Forster, R. M. Theobald and the Master of Gonville & Caius College, Cambridge [N. M. Ferrers]

Copy letter from Henry Jackson to J. G. Frazer

Maura, Dean Park Road, Bournemouth. Dated 21 March, 1896 - Congratulates him on his engagement; assures him there has been no coldness this term or ever, he has been busy: his brother Arthur died in December and he has been caught up in matters of his estate, and that of his father-in-law [Francis Vansittart Thornton], who died nearly a year ago.

Copy of Srinivasa Ramanujan's notebook 2: chapters X [continued]-XVIII [in part]

The second notebook of four into which Ramanujan's Notebook 2 was copied by an unidentified person, catalogued as Add.Ms.b.101-104. Chapter X is continued from Add.Ms.b.101, and Chapter XVIII is continued in Add.Ms.b.103. Includes two letters from G. N. Watson to B. M Wilson, 28 June 1929 and 1 October 1930 (between ff. 32 and 33).

Ramanujan, Srinivasa Aiyangar (1887-1920) mathematician

Copy letter from F. Bouvier to J. G. Frazer

Ore Place, Hastings. Postmark 24 June 1911 - Is writing an article and would like a list of the reviewed and re-edited versions of 'The Golden Bough' and those articles that represent his views the best; he does not promise to agree with all of his theories. At top is a MS note in R. A. Downie's hand giving the postmark date.

Copy letter from J. G. Frazer to John Roscoe

Ben Wyvis Hotel, Strathpeffer Spa. Dated 12 July 1915 - Describes their long holiday, in Cirencester, Edinburgh, Kenmore, and Strathpeffer; mentions that the Cambridge University Press has published a school edition of his wife's book 'La Maison aux Panonceaux'; mentions [James Hope] Moulton's loss [his wife Eliza's death] and Moulton's plan to spend a year with the Parsees in India; Macmillan is publishing a book by [Robert] Russell, ['The Tribes and Castes of the Central Provinces of India'] which will be valuable; wonders if he has seen [W. H. R.] Rivers' work 'The History of Melanesian Society' he has not read it yet; has improved his Hebrew on holiday.

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