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Copy letter from Alfred C. Haddon to J. G. Frazer

22 St Peter's Green, Bedford. Dated July 20, 1889 - Offers a transcript of Mr Beardmore's answers to Frazer's anthropological questions [not transcribed]; is thinking of working up his own notes on the Torres Straits Islanders and the Daudai natives from New Guinea north of the Torres Strait; also encloses a newspaper cutting from 'Torres Straits Pilot' [not transcribed].

Copy letter from G. G. Ramsay to J. G. Frazer

6, The College, Glasgow. Dated February 25th, 1898 - Thanks him for ['Pausanias's Description of Greece']; admires the maps and the 'real English' that Frazer has managed in his translation; is translating Tacitus; is touched and honoured by the dedication, the 'highest satisfaction a teacher can have' that he has started an interest in classical work capable of leading to such results.

Letter from the Prince of Wales to the Master of Trinity, W. H. Thompson

Marlborough House. Informs the Master that he intends for his eldest son [Albert Victor, Duke of Clarence] to attend Trinity, as he did himself. This letter will be given to the Master by J[ohn] N[eale] Dalton, Albert Victor's tutor, whom the Prince of Wales proposes should accompany him to Cambridge in October.

Edward VII (1841–1910), King of Great Britain and Ireland

Copy letter from J. [Israel?] Abrahams to Dr Frazer

11 St. Barnabas Road, Cambridge. Dated Nov. 11 1913 - Has had many letters praising Frazer's letter, and expresses his own admiration. With a MS note at bottom: 'Referring to Kiev trials, and J.G.F.'s letter disclaiming a belief in Jewish ritual murders.'

Copy letter from Rendel Harris to J. G. Frazer

Chetwynd House, Selly Oak, Nr. Birmingham. Dated Oct. 22/03 - There is no convenient text book for the Calendar: he uses [Nicolaus] Nilles, 'Kalendarium Manuale', the printed Synaxaristes and the Acta Sanctorum; has some material on rain-charms and other things from Armenia, and asks if Frazer wants notes or something more formal.

Letter from Charlotte F. Patterson to Nora Sidgwick

Explains that she heard from [James] Bryce that Nora would like to have part of Henry Sidgwick's correspondence with her father [Arthur John Patterson]. Reports that she has spoken to her mother, who will be happy for Nora to have the letter as soon as they get back to town, which will be in the early part of September.

Patterson, Charlotte Frances (b 1872) daughter of Arthur John Patterson

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