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Peile, John (1838-1910), college head and philologist
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Letter from John Peile to Nora Sidgwick

Writes to express his sympathy on the death of Henry Sidgwick. States that he had been prepared for the news, but 'could not realise that the end was so near.' Claims to have begun to realise 'that his life, if prolonged, could mean only weakness and weariness, and inability to do the work which he had so much at heart...' Believes that few people ever can have had so perfect a union in marriage as' the Sidgwicks had. Cannot imagine what Cambridge will be without him, he having been so much a part of every movement there for forty years. Claims that he was always 'wise inspiring and courageous: and his work will live!' Explains that his wife has not yet heard the news, and that he will tell her the following morning.

Peile, John (1838-1910), college head and philologist