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Letters of William Frederick, 2nd Duke of Gloucester

With 'Memoranda of that Part of the Campaign 1794 comprized between the 22nd of May & the 25th July' and battle plans drawn by William Frederick of engagements between 17-30 Apr 1794.

Also a 'Memorandum concerning the Letters of W. F. Duke of Gloucester addressed to his father Wm Henry Duke of Gloucester during the Campaigns of 1794 & 1799', by his sister Princess Sophia Matilda, 28 Dec 1837. Sophia Matilda labelled and sealed the paper wrappers in which the files of letters were originally sent, and also the linen bag in which they were all contained.

The letters date from 1794, when Prince William was fighting in Flanders, 1799, during the campaign in Holland, and 1803-1804, when Prince William was on a tour in northern Europe, and are predominantly written by him to his father.

William Frederick (1776–1834), Prince, 2nd Duke of Gloucester and Edinburgh

Draft translations of Aeschylus' Choephori and Persae by Edward FitzGerald

MS note at beginning of book: 'If these Rough drafts of a Version from Aeschylus' Persae and Choephori are found among my Papers. Burn them [underlined]. E.FG. Nov [?] 1882'.

pp 1-102: translation of Choephori (3 last sheets loose)
pp 103-145: blank
pp 146-223: translation of Persae, written from other end of book in (i.e. 223 to 146; 223 is the pastedown)

Letters/other material pasted in:

at p 5: from Edward Rose, Edgehill House, Anglesea Road, Ipswich, 27 Apr [1878?]
at p 37: from W. Aldis Wright at Beccles, 24 Apr 1878
at p 46: Receipt for £5 made out by Messrs Hewett & Co, The Chinese & Japanese Warehouse, 59 Baker St & Baker St Bazaar, London W. (printed receipt, filled in by hand), 18 Apr 1878.

Letter from W. F. Pollock to [William Aldis] Wright

59 Montagu Square, W. - Is glad Wright will write the [death] notice for Edward FitzGerald: he is 'quite the best person for it'.

Quotes from a note he received this morning from Tennyson: 'I had no true friend - he was one of the kindliest of men & I have never known one of so fine & delicate a wit'. I had written a poem to him the last week, a dedication, which he will never see. There are now left to me only two or three of my old college companions & who goes next?'

Letter from William Pole to William Aldis Wright

9 Stanhope Place, Hyde Park, W. - Pole's article on 'A Clever Forger' in the Cornhill [Magazine] 'has been ascribed to several writers. Asks if the letters from Edward FitzGerald to Sir Frederic Pollock, mentioned by Wright, are published.

Incomplete letter [from John Higgins Allen] to William Aldis Wright

5 Durham Place [on headed notepaper for 14 Brompton Crescent, London, S.W., which is crossed through]. - Could not find the 'first part of FitzGerald's letter about Tennyson'; his father {John Allen, Archdeacon of Salop] had a 'most ruthless habit of mutilating either books or letters which he thought merited such treatment'; thinks 'his religion was (in some aspects) of a very austere school.

Gives some extracts from his father's diary from 1830, relating to FitzGerald [these break off mid-word, and the letter is obviously incomplete].

Letter from H. Arthur Doubleday to Lord Tennyson

123 Tulse Hill, London S.W. - Is preparing an article about Omar Khayyam and his works; would like to find out more about Edward FitzGerald.

Note from Hallam Tennyson at top of letter: 'We sent Mrs FitzGerald a copy of Tiresias. We shall always be glad to see you here when you can come. Will you kindly answer this?'

Letter from George Crabbe to W. Aldis Wright

Merton. - His daughter will be at Ely at 10.36 on Tuesday, if all goes well; hopes to go with her so far on his way to London. Sends Robert Groome [Add.MS.a/6/41?] and Archdeacon Allen's [Add.MS.a/6/23?] letters, and asks Wright to burn them. Does not think that FitzGerald would have objected to his letters being published, 'so far as they relate to public subjects'.

Letter from Gerald Blunt, rector of Chelsea, to Mary Carlyle

Chelsea Rectory. - The monument [to her uncle Thomas Carlyle, to be situated on the Chelsea Embankment] is paid for, and the subscription list closed. There was enough to pay for all they wanted, and even a small surplus; this was given to the sculptor [Edgar Boehm] since he took on the work for less than usual due to his 'interest in the subject'.

Notes on Edward Fitzgerald

Largely drawn from Fitzgerald's letters, with dates.

ADD.MS.a/6/48 quotes from a FitzGerald letter of 26 Jan [1872] on 'Shakespeare's names'.
ADD.MS.a/6/52 gives quotes from FitzGerald letters on W. B. Donne; Boulge Hall, Lord Tennyson and [Sir Frederick?] Pollock.

Proof of W. Aldis Wright's obituary of Edward FitzGerald for the Athenaeum, printed 23 Jun 1883

Lower Sydenham, S. E. - Liked Wright's [Letters and Literary Remains of Edward] Fitzgerald, which Macmillans have sent him, very much; praises Wright's editing. FitzGerald's 'remarks on music are very interesting - ! don't always agree: but he often goes to the root of the matter'.

A note with the letter by C[harles] Ganz, 1932, suggests the author.

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