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Verses, by an Augustinian friar

Introduced by the following words: ‘De la critiqe amère: je citerè cette Strofe, adressée par [un] Augustin à un ministre réformé. page 389.’ First line: ‘Va, coquin, insolent, sans ame’.

Cited from De Paris, des mœurs, de la littérature, et de la philosophie, by J. B. S. Salgues (1813), pp. 388–9. The introductory words were rephrased.

‘Statuts de l’Ordre de l’Annonciation.’ By Joseph Grosset?

  • Crewe MS/41/**C**, pp. 1–3, 3a, 3b, 4–14
  • Partie
  • [c. 1830]
  • Fait partie de Crewe Manuscripts

Probably incomplete. The title is subscribed ‘J. G.’ and the name Joseph Grosset appears on p. 4. The text refers to the Order of the Rosy Cross, the mystical word ΑΒΡΑΣΑΧ (Abrasach), the ideas of Isaac Hollandus, and other terms of esoteric philosophy. There is no writing on pp. 3a and 3b, which were probably missed out by mistake.

Accounts of events in Florence and elsewhere

On the spine is written ‘Narazioni Casi diversi’. The MS comprises a number of narratives by different writers (pp. 1–530), followed by verses by Giambattista Felice Zappi and others (pp. 532–57). The authors of the verses are not indicated in the MS.

Dati, Antonio de’ (fl. c. 1700)

Print of Thomas Horner and his accomplices in the house of Daniel Clewen

No caption. Removed from a copy of the fifth volume of Jackson’s New and Complete Newgate Calendar (1795), where this illustration faces p. 278 and is captioned ‘John Hartley, James Deane, and their accomplices in the House of Mr Clewin, at Finchley, where they committed a Burglary’. The names of the criminals in the caption are wrong, this burglary having been confused with one committed by James Bean (sic), John Hartley, and Lambert Smith, an account of which appears on pp. 305–7 of the same volume.

The Penny London Post

  • Crewe MS/45/loose after f. 4
  • Partie
  • 9–11 Jan. 1751
  • Fait partie de Crewe Manuscripts

This number contains an instalment of an article entitled ‘The Life of that Notorious Robber, Highwayman, and Murderer, Richard Turpin’, etc.

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