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Crewe MS/8/f. 37v · Partie · c. 1851
Fait partie de Crewe Manuscripts

A model of this balloon was exhibited by Luntley at the Great Exhibition of 1851 (see the Official Descriptive and Illustrated Catalogue, ii. 435: Class 10, No. 237). This print has no caption, but the copy in the Library of Congress is captioned ‘ROTARY BALLOON. Model exhibited in Class X, No. 137 [sic]. By J. Luntley.’

Crewe MS/8/f. 23r · Partie · 17 Feb. 1839
Fait partie de Crewe Manuscripts


Highgate, Feb. 17th. 1839.

Proposal for establishing an Aëronautic Fraternity.

The object of the undersigned is by the Association, to collect all books, Manuscripts, prints, drawings, Medals and other matters, which have ever been published on the science of Aërostation; and by interchange and procuration to aid in rendering our volumes of collections, as complete as chance or circumstances may empower us severally and collectively.

[Signed by:]
Chas Green President
F[?] Green
William Upcott {1}
Edward Spencer
Jacob Henry Burn
J[?] Green


The word ‘Ballooning’ has been added at the top in pencil.

{1} The scrapbook of aeronautica collected by Upcott is now in the Smithsonian Institution.

Crewe MS/8/f. 8 · Partie · 1843
Fait partie de Crewe Manuscripts

The men depicted in the illustration are, from left to right, Walter Prideaux, John Hollins, William Milbourne James, Robert Hollond, Charles Green, and Thomas Monck Mason.

(No caption or date. Title and date supplied from British Museum No. 1858,0613.402. )

Add. MS a/698 · Dossier · 1895-1897
Fait partie de Additional Manuscripts a

Three photographs of the Cambridge University Drag club portraying groups on horseback with hounds. An Oct. 1895 photograph depicts the Master F. M. Freake, J. Brocklebank, C. E. Pease, A. D. H. [A. J. H. ?] Saw, Whips J. O. Murphy and H. B. Black, Hon. O. Bridgeman, J. V. Hermon, and L. Williams. There are two photographs from 1897: one of the Master and Whips, all from Trinity: Master the Earl of Ronaldshay [Lawrence Dundas] and Whips J. A. Crocker and H. S. McCorquodale, and another photograph of a large group, not identified individually.

There are two photographs of the Cambridgeshire Harriers, 1897: one photograph of the Master & Whips on horseback, with dogs: J. R. Aspinall (Trin: Hall), Whip; J. V. Hermon (Trin: Hall), Master, B. Hardy (Trin: Hall), Whip; and one photograph of the members on horseback with dogs, with three men and three women standing, not identified individually.

The other two photographs are of The Angels, Lent 1896, a group photograph of Lawrence Williams with W. H. Oakeley, F. E. C. Pilkington, O. J. Kuhn, Hon. W. James, all of Trinity, and E. H. Johnston, T. Simpson, G. O. G. Bramson, and C.R. Holmes of Trinity Hall. Each man is in a dinner jacket with a sash with an angel on the front. The second photograph is of a student room, probably belonging to Lawrence Williams, who lived at 27 Trinity Street while a student.

The photographs are accompanied by two labels from the versos of the frames of two [unidentified] photographs addressed to L. Williams from Messrs. Stearn, Photographers and Frame Makers, 72, Bridge Street, Cambridge.

All photographs are by Stearn or Stearn Bros., Cambridge.

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Letter from John Herschel
Add. MS a/207/123 · Pièce · 14 Jan. 1866
Fait partie de Additional Manuscripts a

Collingwood - Macmillan are to publish JH's translation of Homer's 'Iliad' and he wishes to dedicate it to WW. On WW's suggestion he sent books one and two to Prof. Arnold [Matthew Arnold]. Bella [Isabella Herschel] 'never ceases talking of you and Mrs. Douglas's kindness to her at Lowestoft'. JH has had another severe attack of bronchitis.

Letter from Alexander Herschel
Add. MS a/207/124 · Pièce · 10 Mar. 1862
Fait partie de Additional Manuscripts a

6 Ashley Rd., Cannonbury - Alexander Herschel securing William Whewell's support and signature for a testimonial letter for his stand as a candidate for a lectureship on Natural Philosophy now vacant at the Andersonian Institute at Glasgow.

Add. MS b/196-198 · Pièce · 1929-1930
Fait partie de Additional Manuscripts b

Three of four notebooks kept by E. H. Linfoot containing notes made at Princeton 1929-1930, under H. P. Robertson, J. von Neumann, and P. Alexandroff, catalogued as Add.Ms.b.196-199. The other papers in this collection are described in the record for the first item in the collection, Add.Ms.b.179.

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Add. MS b/195 · Pièce · 1928-1929
Fait partie de Additional Manuscripts b

One of five notebooks kept by E. H. Linfoot containing notes made at Göttingen 1928-1929, under Bartel van der Waerden, Emil Artin, Harald Bohr, and Edmund Landau, catalogued as Add.Ms.b.191-195. The other papers in this collection are described in the record for the first item in the collection, Add.Ms.b.179.

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