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Copy letter from J. D. Anderson to Dr Frazer

Mostyn House, Brooklands Avenue, Cambridge. Dated 14th March 1910 - Writes about the winds in the Khasi hills in answer to his enquiry, and lists the names of the intermediate points of the compass, the four 'Kons'; is just back from reading E. A. Gait's paper on the Indian Census to the Society of Arts.

Copy letter from J. D. Anderson to Dr Frazer

Mostyn House, Brooklands Avenue, Cambridge. Dated 19th May 1914 - Encloses a letter from his son [James?], who is assistant political officer in Simla; Haddon thought he would like to see it; has been reading proofs of E. A. Gait's paper on the Census; asks if he heard that Sylvain Lévi was called by a reporter to comment on Rabindranath Tagore received the Nobel prize, 'on the ground that a learned Israelite would sure know something about "le rabbin Tégoro"'; [Sir William] Ridgeway is perturbed about Ulster, and took a leading part in the demonstration on Parker's Piece, but it was not well attended.

Copy letter from N. Annandale to Frazer

34 Charlotte Square, Edinburgh. Dated May 22nd /03 - Thanks him for his kind letter about his paper on Malay religion, will be continuing with ghosts, familiar spirits, wandering spirits, ritual and magic; answers his question about the reverence paid to certain fishes by certain Pitani [Patani?] families; thinks there should be a proper investigation of the beliefs of the aboriginal tribes of the Malay Peninsula; unfortunately Vaughan Stevens's work is not reliable, wonders what information [Walter William] Skeat will add in his forthcoming book; his own title of 'research student in anthropology' is an empty one, as any graduate may use it.

Copy letter from Avebury to J. G. Frazer

High Elms, Farnborough, R.S.O. Kent. Dated 10 Aug. 1903 - Has asked Mr Lampson of the Chinese Department of the Foreign Office to look into Frazer's query; believes his previous information came from Sir J. Wade.

Copy letter from Avebury to J. G. Frazer

High Elms, Farnborough, R.S.O. Kent. Dated 19 Dec. 1903 - Makes a change to the paragraph Frazer proposes to insert; will think over an enquiry to the Chinese minister, wonders if they'd admit it, a remarkable form of heroism, but that reflects badly on Chinese justice.

Copy letter from W. T. A. Barber to J. G. Frazer

The Leys, Cambridge. Dated 3 February 1902 - Encloses a reply from Rev. W. A. Cornaby, about substitutes for executions in China [transcript present]; thinks there is less fear of death due to the belief in fate, and that he saved the lives of people who swallowed opium out of spite against someone else, to cause trouble and haunt them as a ghost.

Copy postcard from N. Bateson to J. G. Frazer

74 Huntingdon Road. Postmark Cambridge Nov. 29 1901 - Information from Camden Society 1854, Household Roll of Bp. Swinfield p. CLI, concerning fire on the eve of Twelfth Day at Irchinfield in Herefordshire.

Copy letter from E. F. Benson to J. G. Frazer

King's College, Cambridge (received 15th Sept. 1892) - In parts of Cornwall a child who brought a piece of hawthorn in bloom or a piece of fresh bracken to a dairy on May morning was given a bowl of cream; told this by an old Cornish woman who looked after their cows when he lived in Truro, and who told him to look for either of these items.

Copy letter from A. A. Bevan to J. G. Frazer

Trin. Coll. Cambr. Dated April 3 1899 - Sends a translation of the passage they were talking about the other day [transcript present], from Al-Baidawi's Commentary on the Koran concerning magic knots.

Copy letter from John S. Black to J. G. Frazer

6 Oxford Terrace, Edinburgh. Dated 1st Nov. 1905 - Thanks him for the copy of 'Kingship'; enjoyed his visit to Oxford, is still thinking of reviving Bretschneider in some modernised edition; visited [Hope W.] Hogg in Manchester at Victoria University, which seems prosperous; has a note from [Joseph Shield?] Nicholson asking him to dine to meet [John St Loe] Strachey who is going to contest the University seat; has been golfing on the Braid Hills course; will send back the Bretschneider books soon; has to address a 'Literary Society' on the subject of Jupiter and asks for early literary references.

Copy letter from John S. Black to J. G. Frazer

6 Oxford Terrace, Edinburgh. Dated 11th Dec. 1912 - Thanks him for the honour regarding the Gifford Lectures [the dedication of 'The Belief in Immortality'] and expresses his delight at being asked to help work on 'Folk-Lore in the Old Testament', and suggests Cheyne's 'Traditions and Beliefs of Ancient Israel' and 'The Two Religions of Israel'; sees 'charming vistas opening up'; a cheap popular re-issue of 'Biblica' is being talked of.

Copy letter from John S. Black to J. G. Frazer

6 Oxford Terrace, Edinburgh. Dated 2nd Dec. 1913 - Thanks him belatedly for 'The Dying God'; is sorry the George Square scheme didn't work, but does think London better than Edinburgh; knows [Wickham] Steed well by name and thinks he will be a 'great and beneficent force' on the staff of 'The Times'; would like to meet him somewhere in Italy in the spring, and asks if they have been to the Naples-Amalfi region or to Sicily; congratulations to Mrs Frazer on her new role as a grandmother and on the new book ['Victor et Victorine'?]; Emy and Fred are in Paris, and he has begun a series of articles in the Scotsman.

Copy letter from J. Bland to J. G. Frazer

"The Clock House" Shepperton. Dated 25th March (1911) - Will be happy to be quoted in Frazer's forthcoming book [about substitutes for executions in China?], but asks to be allowed to rewrite his former note; will look through Herbert Spencer's 'Descriptive Sociology', ('that mountain of ill-assorted facts and opinions'), and asks if he has looked through Arthur Smith's 'Chinese Characteristics'.

Copy letter from J. Bland to J. G. Frazer

The Clock House, Upper Halliford, Shepperton. Dated 8th May (1911) - Returns the proof of the letter [about substitutes for executions in China?], and encloses a letter from Edmund Backhouse, who knows more about Chinese manners and customs and history than any other European [not present].

Copy letter from John G. Bourke to Dr J. G. Frazer

War Department, Washington D.C. Dated August 28th 1889 - Has been on a tour of duty in connection with the Apache Indians; sent one of Frazer's list of questions to John S. Hittell; another was given to Thomas Keam, who has been living among the Moquis of Arizona and is an expert; the Turtle is a Moqui totem; might go out to the Moqui again and learn about the Snake Dance, but dreads the trip; was in North Carolina, where the Cherokees still use a blow-pipe gun.

Copy letter from Herbert M. Bower to J. G. Frazer

Elmcrofts, Ripon. Dated 22nd February 1896 - Has been reading 'The Golden Bough' and sends a cutting on human sacrifice in Benin [cutting transcribed]; quotes passages on agricultural rites from 'Yorkshire Folk Talk' by his cousin Marmaduke Morris; asks his opinion of an Italian festival in which they carry 'Ceri', wooden structures with arabesque paintings on them. In a postscript, he mentions a book by [Henning Frederik] Feilberg entitled 'Dansk Bondelir' [recte 'Dansk Bondeliv']; and a funeral procession witnessed in Capri in 1895.

Copy letter from Geo. Brown to Dr J. G. Frazer

Biloa, Vella Lavella, Solomon Islands. Dated March 14th 1911 - Has been to Ontong Java but has conflicting answers as to the number of exogamous divisions; a German who was there will probably publish soon; asks Frazer to send one of the books [the Anthropological Questions pamphlet?] to Rev. R. C. Nicholson at Vella Lavella, Solomon Islands and another to Rev. S. R. Rooney, Bambatana, Solomon Islands.

Copy letter from C. Brownlow to J. G. Frazer

Estate Office, Coolderry, Carrickmacross. Dated 14 Nov. 1913 - Adds two stories relating to 'The Transference of Evil' chapter in 'The Golden Bough' relating to getting rid of a port wine stain, and veneral disease.

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