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Milnes, Annabella Hungerford (1814–1874), née Crewe, wife of 1st Baron Houghton
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Verses in the hand of Annabella Hungerford Crewe/Milnes, most with Italian subjects

'To a German Friend: on his leaving Sorrento where he was a distinguished Member of a Club'
'Galileo's Tower, Florence'
'Sonnet, To Home - Naples'
'Sonnet' (Wrong'd and ill-fated poet! thou art pas't...)
'Stanzas' (Few, few are they unto whose eyes the wan...)
'Vesuvius - Sonnets 1-IV'

Letter from Richard Monckton Milnes to Annabella Hungerford Milnes

embossed notepaper for Dunrobin Castle, Sutherland. - Lord Chesham looked after Amy well; two other young ladies had to sleep in their ball dresses in the gentlemen's dressing room at the hotel as their maid had hidden their room keys too well; visited Bishops; [Edens?] hope to be of assistance to Annabella Milnes; row in the train over reserved carriage for Dunrobin; encountered Miss [Catherine M.] Marsh there - Houghton moved to tears by her account of death of a wild man he knew as a boy, or perhaps it was gout. Lady John Scott is now singing and Lord Delamere talking to Miss Marsh like Hedley Vicars; the chief financial adviser of the Khedive, a young French officer 'late at Metz', and the engineer Sir Henry (?) Jones are also here; discusses other guests.

Contains note by Hon. Amicia Milnes.

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