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Letter from Robert Erskine Childers to Ivor Lloyd-Jones, with provenance letter

A farewell letter written immediately before his death: 'Dearest Ivor, It doesn't matter what you think of me. I know you love me -- the first friendship in my life & indestructable. So in lieu of goodbye & from my heart & soul God bless you & Gwladys & her daughter & give you great happiness. Erskine'.

Accompanied by a letter from Ivor Lloyd-Jones to Norman de Bruyne dated 27 June 1935 donating this letter and [his copy of 'The Riddle of the Sands'] to Trinity College Library, Cambridge.

Childers, Robert Erskine (1870–1922), author and politician

Letter from J. M. Keynes to F. W. Pethick-Lawrence

King’s College, Cambridge.—Commends Pethick-Lawrence’s contribution to a debate in the Commons. Is disappointed by Arthur Greenwood’s response in the Daily Express to his own articles in The Times on compulsory saving.

Report on the government of King Edward’s School, Witley, by Gerald Coke, treasurer

The report is accompanied by three annexes, as follows: (A) ‘Proposals for the Government of Bridewell Royal Hospital and King Edward’s School, Witley’; (B) a table comparing the composition of the present General Committee with the proposed School Governing Body; and (C) ‘Draft Clauses for Power to Invest in Equities’.

(Mechanical copies of typed originals.)

Report on the history of King Edward’s School, Witley

The report is accompanied by six tables entitled as follows: (A) ‘Capital Expenditure since 1951’; (B) ‘Numbers of Children in the School’; (C) ‘Local Education Authorities Which Use the School’; (D) ‘Sponsorship of Children in the School at September 1960’; (E) ‘Items of Capital Expenditure Agreed but Not Yet Carried Out’; and (F) ‘The Government of the School’.

(Mechanical copies of typed originals.)

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