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The material is principally Adams's undated ms drafts, notes and calculations documenting his research from the 1950s until his death. It was found in Adams's own folders with titles inscribed thereon.

These titles have been reproduced in the catalogue entries and form the basis for the arrangement of the material in an alphabetical sequence. At the end of this sequence is miscellaneous research material including 'work done' and 'work in progress'. The contents of bulky folders have been subdivided for ease of reference.


Items C. 1 - C.344 consist of lectures etc as part of Adams' role in teaching, C.345 - C.646 are from conferences and seminars he attended and C.647 - C.708 consist of lectures by others.


Where applicable reference has been made to Adams's List of Publications (A.2)


‘Cobbers’ was the name that GKB gave to the house he had built in Conduit Head Road. He had much input into its design. See also H15 and K31.

Estate of Gladys Davies

Gladys Davies had been the housekeeper for G I Taylor and his wife from 1939 until 1975 and cared for both Stephanie and Geoffrey Taylor in their latter years. In recognition of this, Taylor left his house "Farmfield' to her in his will. In her own will, Miss Davies instructed that Farmfield be sold and the money given to the University to establish the G I Taylor Memorial Fund. It appears that Batchelor was Miss Davies executor.

Early scientific and academic career

After graduating in pure and applied mathematics from Melbourne University, Batchelor planned to study for a PhD at Cambridge, but the outbreak of WWII forced him to remain in Australia, where he undertook research on aeronautics. With encouragement from G I Taylor Batchelor sailed for England in January 1945 and was admitted a Research Student at Trinity College later that year. This section includes material from his time at Melbourne as well as early attempts to find funding for his researches.

Trinity College

This class contains a few items relating to Batchelor’s relationship with Trinity College. He was admitted as a Research Student in 1945, elected a Fellow under Title A [Junior Research Fellow] in 1947 and under Title B [Senior Research Fellow] in 1951. Correspondence concerning his admission can be found at BACH/B7

Cambridge University Department of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics

Batchelor was instrumental in the move to establish departments within the mathematics faculty. In 1959 DAMTP was founded with him as first head of department – a role he was not to relinquish until 1983. As such he was able to shape the department, supervising its move into its first consolidated home in former premises of CUP on the Mill Lane site and introducing a fluid dynamics laboratory in the face of opposition from the Department of Physics. He continued as its head of Department until his early retirement in 1983


References written by Batchelor, mostly for senior or junior faculty members. Given the likelihood at the time of cataloguing that they would fall under Data Protection laws, they have not been catalogued in detail

Scientific correspondence

This class includes two series of Batchelor’s correspondence files and also loose scientific correspondence that was not filed. The alphabetically-arranged files of correspondence (F1 and F2) begin with letters from the 1940s. Probably at the beginning of 1980, with the size of the files increasing, a second series was begun. The files in the first series thus practically finish in 1979, however occasionally letters of a later date were inserted, hence the covering dates of some files in this continue beyond 1979. A third series (F3) has been created for the correspondence that was not filed. A correspondent’s appearance in this third series does not indicate that they do not appear in series F1 and/or F2.

Conferences and academic visits

From early in his career Batchelor travelled widely to conferences around the world. The following files may include preparatory materials and follow-up exchanges, though any papers given at or publications arising from conferences are likely to be found in sections K and H respectively.


The items in this series are notes, which, for the most part, are discrete and focused, and are either titled on the note or Batchelor has added a slip of paper bearing a title to the document or file. The contents of some is almost certainly included in lectures and publications


This section does not include lectures given as part of courses at Cambridge University which are found in section D9. The surviving materials in this class vary from complete texts to notes and precis and, in the latter period, overhead projector slides.

Letters relating to the sale of Greystone

27 letters between Broad and John Baldwin, the purchaser of his house Greystone, in Langford, near Bristol, and his estate agent Donald Hughes of W. Hughes & Son, Ltd in Bristol and Broad & Lewis, his solicitors in Bristol. The letters from Broad are represented by carbon copies.


Items C1/15-37 were kept in a file marked "Mathematics, Physics and Philosophy" with the word 'Mathematics' struck through Notwithstanding the deletion, it does contain some mathematical material. The use of St Andrews examination stationery suggests that at least some of this material dates from Broad's period at that University or shortly afterward.

Items C1/54- 62 were kept together by CDB under the title "Notes on Kant"

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