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PETH/9/33 · Parte · c. 15 Oct. 1912
Parte de Pethick-Lawrence Papers

87 Clement’s Inn, W.C.—Discusses arrangements in connection with the separation of the Pethick-Lawrences from the WSPU.



87 Clements Inn | W.C

Dear Mrs P

1) In reference to th trustee to cover our liability I saw Mr Petre yest[erda]y of Messrs Blount Lynch & Petre 48 Albemarle Street & ascertained tht he would be will[in]g to act as trustee & to draw up the deed. Do you agree to his appointment?

2). The Womans Press a/c at the present time is in my name and is operated on by my signature. {1} I propose at an early date to pay out of it a cheque to cover the liability of th Womans Press to Vote† for Women for papers already received & then to hand over the balance of the money to you or to someone you appoint & then to close the a/c. {1} Will you please let me know to whom I am to hand over th balance.

3) With regard to the statement about separation which is to appear in Votes for Women this week, a suggestion was made to me by the editorial staff tht following the usual course w regard to important articles etc, advanced proofs should be sent to the press. This I refused to do. It wd be of course contrary to our agreement that th statement was first to be published in Votes for Women. I am sure you will agree w me that this implies that the statement should not be made public anywhere else until after it has appeared in our paper.

Yrs faithfy


Letters missing from two words abbreviated by superscript letters have been supplied in square brackets. There are a number of alterations in the MS which have not been noted in this transcript.

{1} Full stop supplied. The preceding word is at the end of a line.