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Miscellaneous manuscript fragments removed from books in Trinity College Library

36 fragments, eight of them carrying notes as to which volumes they had been removed from. The group include two English fragments of the versified life of St Catherine (items 1-2), a 13th century fragment from the end of the Joseph story of the Poème Anglo-Normand sur l'Ancien Testament, removed from shelfmark K.3.77 (item 3), two fragments from the Avignon Selichot (items 7-8), two fragments from a medical text in Latin (items 9-10), a fragment on civil and canon law (item 17), and a fragment removed from Dr Hooke's papers carrying the header "Regulae Cromocritica de [Urina?]" inscribed by W. Derham as "Turkish writings & other Rhapsodical Receipts" (item 23).

William Whewell papers: Cordelia Whewell autograph collection, A-L

The first of two boxes of an autograph collection begun by Cordelia Whewell, and continued after her death, possibly by Lady Affleck, and William Whewell's executors.

Most of the autographs date from the 18th and 19th century, but there is one 16th century letter from William Cecil, 1st Baron Burghley to Sir Robert Petre (item 18) and four other 17th century letters and documents, including a letter from William Cecil, Viscount Cranborne to his father the Earl of Salisbury in 1607 (Add.MS.c.66/38). A group of eight letters from French statesmen dating from the 1660s and 1670s (items 2, 29, 33, 98, 104, 110 and Add.MS.c.66/39-40) are accompanied by an undated letter from Louis XIV (item 108).

There is some evidence of the different stages of the collection, with what may have formed the nucleus of the original collection, letters written to Cordelia's parents Mr and Mrs John Marshall, many of them replies to invitations. More concerted collecting efforts are evidenced in letters from E. M. James (Items 84-85) and R. V. Swaine (Add.MS.c.66/59) to Cordelia, which originally enclosed autographs for the collection; these are linked to the letters listed therein. The collection was added to after Cordelia's death: letters postdate her death in 1855, and there are a number of Ellis family letters and documents, which may have been added by Lady Affleck (née Ellis). These include a copy of the codicil to the will of Henry Ellis, dated 10 June 1774 (Item 44). A letter written eight years after William Whewell's death by his executor J. L. Hammond (Item 68) encloses autographs for the 'College Collection' but they are neither enclosed with the letter nor elsewhere in this collection.

Whewell, Cordelia (1803-1855), wife of William Whewell

William Whewell papers: Cordelia Whewell autograph collection, M-Z

The second of two boxes of an autograph collection begun by Cordelia Whewell, and continued after her death, possibly by Lady Affleck, and William Whewell's executors.. The collection is described in the record for the first box, Add.MS.c.65. In this box, items 78 and 81 were found to be missing when the collection was re-catalogued in Nov. 1971.

Whewell, Cordelia (1803-1855), wife of William Whewell

Miscellaneous letters

Letters acquired from different sources, some of them by gift and purchase. Other letters appear to have been removed from books in the printed collections, as the authors or recipients match book collections to be found there. The original books in which the letters were found, however, is not always recorded.


Individual items and small collections acquired by the Library in the years 1978-1980.


Individual items and small collections acquired by the Library in the years 1988-1990.

Family papers of Jane Dunn Gardner

A group of papers which appear to be centred around the Dunn Gardner family of Chatteris, near Ely, with letters from extended Johnston and Hake family members, and writings related to them, with two notebooks and loose notes and schoolwork by Marriott Gardner, who died while a student at Trinity College in 1781.

Gardner, Jane Dunn (1757-1839), sister of Marriott Gardner

John Mayor

  • MAYR/B/2
  • Unidad documental compuesta
  • 1780-1826
  • Parte deMayor Papers

Mayor, John (1755-1826), clergyman

Letters of William Frederick, 2nd Duke of Gloucester

With 'Memoranda of that Part of the Campaign 1794 comprized between the 22nd of May & the 25th July' and battle plans drawn by William Frederick of engagements between 17-30 Apr 1794.

Also a 'Memorandum concerning the Letters of W. F. Duke of Gloucester addressed to his father Wm Henry Duke of Gloucester during the Campaigns of 1794 & 1799', by his sister Princess Sophia Matilda, 28 Dec 1837. Sophia Matilda labelled and sealed the paper wrappers in which the files of letters were originally sent, and also the linen bag in which they were all contained.

The letters date from 1794, when Prince William was fighting in Flanders, 1799, during the campaign in Holland, and 1803-1804, when Prince William was on a tour in northern Europe, and are predominantly written by him to his father.

William Frederick (1776–1834), Prince, 2nd Duke of Gloucester and Edinburgh

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