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Papers of Harold Davenport
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Erdös, P.

Although Erdös and Davenport collaborated on many publications 1936-63, the surviving correspondence is very meagre and is mainly from Erdös on various mathematical discoveries.

Correspondence 1960 is enquiry re Erdös's problem on sets of congruences.

Dyson, F. J.

Includes laudatory report by Davenport on 'fellowship thesis by F. J. Dyson: "Two problems in the theory of numbers".'

DuVal, P.

One letter only, from Princeton. Mainly mathematical but refers to J. von Neumann's proposed visit to Cambridge.

Dolciani, M. P.

G.84: Arrangements to spend sabbatical leave working with Davenport on theory of numbers.
G.85: Miscellaneous ms. notes and drafts.

Cridland, N.

Packing of small circles. Enquiry originally addressed to S. T. Shovelton and passed on by him to Davenport.

Coxeter, H. M. S.

An undergraduate friend of Davenport at Cambridge, using his youthful nickname of 'Dave' in the letter of 1928 and signing his own letters 'Donald'. Includes some personal news as well as mathematical research.
G.73: 1928, 1929, 1932, 1935. From Coxeter's mother), Includes 3pp. 'Prop' by Coxeter, 1932
G.74: 1939
G.75: 1945–48
G.76: 1951–53, 1958-59

Courant, R.

Early correspondence is from Göttingen, with news of German mathematicians. Courant left for America in August 1934. Later correspondence is renewing contact after the war.

Cohn, H.

G.68: 1948-54. Research and recommendations.
G.69: 1960-62. Mainly re proposed 75th birthday symposium for L.J. Mordell.

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