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Manuscripts in Wren Class R
R. · Archief · 16th-20th c.

Class R is the Wren Library repository of manuscripts for all those works which could not be classed as theological. As a consequence, the class is a miscellaneous assortment representing many fields, particularly history, poetry, philosophy, law, natural science, medicine, and music. The contents of Class R were described in 1901 by M. R. James in the preface to volume II of his catalogue of Western manuscripts in Trinity College Library, which may be viewed online: A searchable version of the James catalogue may be found online:

The manuscripts listed in this catalogue are those modern manuscripts in R with strong connections to materials housed elsewhere in the library, particularly in Additional Manuscripts. Where James did not provide a description in his catalogue, a description has been provided. Where the James catalogue entry is detailed, a pointer record has been created in this catalogue to highlight the entry in the James catalogue. It should be noted that there are gaps in the numbering scheme of items on the shelves, and that the cataloguing of these materials is a work in progress.

Zonder titel
R./18.1 · Bestanddeel · [early 20th cent.]
Part of Manuscripts in Wren Class R

Transcripts of Trinity MS B.16.2, with collations of MSS at the National Library in Prague, Vienna, and Stockholm, gathered for Wyclif Society publications. A note accompanying the papers indicates that the rest of the transcripts were destroyed after they were published.

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Miscellaneous papers
R./1.1 · Stuk · 14th c.–19th c.
Part of Manuscripts in Wren Class R

On the front is stamped ‘ORIGINAL DOCUMENTS & PAPERS.’ The docu-ments are accompanied by folded sheets of blue paper bearing descriptions of the documents, in which they were evidently kept before they were bound.

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R./2.48/inserted · Deel · 10 Mar. 1891
Part of Manuscripts in Wren Class R


Trinity Lodge, Cambridge
March 10th 1891.

My dear Librarian,

I have the pleasure of sending you, in a truly splendid dress, the Autograph Score of Doctor Hubert Parry’s “Blest Pair of Sirens.”

I am to-day writing to thank him for his generous gift, which was formally accepted by the Council last Friday {1}.

The letters of Doctor Parry and Professor Stanford {2}, which I enclose, will, I trust, be preserved.

Believe me to be
Most truly yours
H. Montagu Butler


{1} 6 Mar.

{2} The other two letters pasted into this volume.

R./2.48/inserted · Deel · 2 Mar. 1891
Part of Manuscripts in Wren Class R


10 Harvey Road | Cambridge
March 2. 1891

My dear Master,

I have the pleasure to send you with this the original autograph score of Hubert Parry’s ‘Blest pair of Syrens,’ which he wishes to present to the College for the Library. It struck me some time ago that as the College possessed the Manuscript of the poem, {1} it would be of interest & of value to them to possess also the original of the magnificent musical setting. Parry was, as is his nature, most unwilling at first to do anything which looked (as he put it) so “bumptious,” but I quieted his qualms on that point.

I send you herewith a letter {2} he wrote to me asking me to forward the score to the Council, & which, as it is really addressed to them altho’ through my mediation, I should be glad, if they wish, to leave in their hands.

Believe me, my dear Master,
yrs very truly
C V Stanford


{1} R.3.4.

{2} Parry’s letter of 28 Feb., also pasted into this volume.

R./2.48/inserted · Deel · 28 Feb. 1891
Part of Manuscripts in Wren Class R


Royal College of Music, Kensington Gore, London, S.W.

My dear Charlie

You told me some time ago that I should be doing nothing amiss if I offered the original score of my setting of Miltons Ode “Blest Pair of Sirens” to be deposited in the Library of Trinity—An honour I should not presume to think of on my own account. I have had it put into a coat probably more worthy of such a position—as coats go—than the work itself, & confide it to you as its best possible godfather. Which you have been from the beginning!

Ever yours
C. Hubert H Parry

Miscellaneous fragments
R./6.14/10 · Stuk · [19th cent.]
Part of Manuscripts in Wren Class R

Notes, fragments of writings, mainly in Whewell's hand, placed together in an envelope by Isaac Todhunter. Includes two drawings, including one of a man in profile. Topics include education, language, geology, history, and religious history. Includes a memo of letters used in Whewell's life relating to Thirlwall's resignation of the tutorship in 1834.