Miscellaneous papers

Inventory list
Identifier Title Level of description Sort ascending Date Digital object
f. 5r Bond between (A) John Freshwater of Heybridge, Essex, gentleman, and (B) Edward Stillingfleet, Dean of St Paul's Cathedral, and the Chapter of the same, for the performance of covenants, etc., in indentures of the same date Part 20 Feb. 1685
f. 10r Receipt issued by the Bureau of Bayeux to Maître Mallouin du Breuil for 40£ 40s. paid in charges (droit d’aydes, d’octroy, etc.) for 570 jars (pots) of cider Part 21 Nov. 1757
f. 12r Order issued by Sir Nicholas Conyngham Tindal (Chief Justice of the Common Pleas) in the cause Baudri v. Cowling Part 27 Nov. 1835
f. 12r Letter from William Fry Channell to James Manning Part mid 19th c.
f. 13r Leaf from a MS on canon law, formerly part of a binding Part 14th c.
f. 4r Indented deed (incomplete), apparently between (A) John Blenerhaysset, on behalf of Thomas, Duke of Norfolk, and (B) Thomas Cobbe, relating to lands in Castle Rising and Congham, Norfolk Part 1570
f. 6r The Daily Courant, containing a ‘character’ of the King of Sweden (Charles XII) Part 10 May 1703
f. 6r Wrapper, docketed ‘Acco[unt] of the Court of Sweden. Aprill. 1707 being a Voyage to Leipsick’ Part 18th c.?
f. 7r Account of work on the buildings and in the gardens of Blenheim Castle Part Feb. 1708
f. 8r Warrant, signed by King George III, for the payment of £12,957 5s. 8¾d. to Lieutenant General Charles, Lord Southampton, for the pay of the 3rd or King’s Own Regiment of Dragoons for a year to 24 Dec. 1791 Part 30 Mar. 1793
f. 9r Certified copy of a contract between Louis Arcambal, Vice-Consul of the French Republic, and Francis Lewis Taney, merchant of New York, for the supply of 200,000 lbs of sole leather Part 28 July 1794
f. 10r Certificate recording the presentation of Maître Loisel, attorney, at the Office of Presentations at Caen as the representative of Laurent David, adjudicataire des fermes, plaintiff, against Blocher, innkeeper, and his wife; signed Torcapel Part 20 June 1775
f. 1r Note of a fine, relating to places in Norfolk Part 3 Feb. 1477
f. 3r Account of the death of King Philip II of Spain, headed ‘Relacion de la muerte del Rey Phelipe segundo’ Part c. 1598
f. 6r Engraving of King Charles XII of Sweden, by R. Smith senior, cut from a book or journal Part early 18th c.
f. 10r Receipt from Pierre Hallez of Saint-Thomas de Touques, husband of Françoise Grandin, to Malouin Dubreuil and his mother, of Caen, for 70 livres, in part payment of the annual rent due to his wife Part 7 July 1792
f. 10r Petition by Tiphagne to the administrators of the Department of Calvados and the Executive Directory, with a memorandum signed by the administrators Part 2 and 6 Jan. 1798
f. 10r Statement by Adrian Philippe Marais, bailiff (huissier) to the civil tribunal of Caen, regarding the seizure of goods belonging to Charles Le Val of Norey (Norrey-en-Bessin), in connection with rent owed to Nicolas Saillenfest Part 28 Aug. x 2 Sept. 1805?
f. 10r Statement by a bailiff (huissier) regarding the sale by Nicolas Saillenfest of goods seized by him from Charles Le Val Part 3 Jan. 1806
f. 11r Summons issued by Lord Ellenborough (Chief Justice of the King’s Bench) in the cause Brydges v. Wilson, requiring particulars of the plaintiff’s demand Part 15 June 1814
f. 12r Order issued by Sir James Alan Park (Second Justice of the Common Pleas) in the cause Harris v. Moreton Part 28 Jan. 1814
f. 2r Copy of the court roll of the manor of Fulmodeston cum Croxton, Norfolk, recording the admission of John Backe to 1½ roods of land surrendered out of court by Thomas Umphery or Umphrey Part 11 Jan. 1639
f. 6r Extract from a letter containing a description of King Charles XII of Sweden Part Apr. 1707