Papers of Clive Bell Inventory list

Identifier Sort ascending Title Level of description Date Digital object
4 'The silly season' Item [Nov 1914]
8 Manuscript of 'The profession of arms' Item [Jun 1914]
15 Manuscript of 'That judges are wise and sober and that Lords are not' Item [1937]
18 Typescript of 'The other way' File [n.d.]
22 Typescript of 'R.P.: a memoir' [preface to 'Vocation'] File [1946]
23 Manuscript of Typescript of 'An incident in the life of the Hon. Anstruther Rickmansworth M.P'. File [n.d.]
2 Chapters, books, articles and lectures Series [1913–50]
1 Manuscript and typescript of'What is art?' Item [1914]
6 Manuscript of 'The future' Item [n.d.]
11 Manuscript and Typescript of 'Nationalism in art' Item [n.d.]
1 'Maynard Keynes' Item [c.1957]
5 Typescript of an untitled paper on Roger Fry Item [c. 1952]
6 Typescript of an untitled paper presented to the Memoir Club, on the origins of 'Bloomsbury', at Cambridge Item [c. 1950]
4 Writings on French and other art, and literary criticism and poetry Series 1896-[1959]
1 'French painting' Item [1931]
3 Typescript of 'The foundations of the great age', a lecture Item [1936]
5 Typescript of 'The foundations of the great age', a lecture Item [1936]
9 Typescript of 'Cézanne and Impressionism', a lecture given in Chicago Item [c. 1950]
12 Typescript of 'Ingres', a lecture Item [n.d.]
13 Typescript of Insertions and list of slides to accompany BELL 4/11 and 4/12 Item [n.d.]
14 Manuscript of Review of K. Martin (ed.) Manet: water-colours and pastels Item [1959]
17 Typescript of 'The rise and decline of Cubism' Item [c. 1930]
23 Typescript of 'The five worst pictures', an article Item [n.d.]
25 Typescript of 'Modern British art', a British Council lecture Item [c. 1945]
35 Typescript of Untitled introduction to an illustrated lecture on 'European painting' Item [1945]
40 Typescript of 'Mérimée and Mlle Dacquin' Item [c. 1907]
50 Typescript of 'The progress' Item Nov 1909
52 Manuscript of Untitled poem ['Epithalamium'] Item 6 Feb 1907
59 Manuscript of 'Verse translations from Callimachus' Item 1928
63 Typescript of 'Sestina (to G.L.S.)' Item [n.d.]
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