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Archival description
Add. MS d/1 · Item · c 1865- c 1869
Part of Additional Manuscripts d

Accounts of the 'Kennedy Professorship Fund' with contributions at the beginning of the book and expenses at the back. Printed letter from E. Atkinson, Vice-Chancellor, to the Public Orator, Rev. W. G. Clark, expressing thanks to the subscribers for offering the fund to Cambridge University for the establishment of a Latin Professorship; a list of subscribers and their contributions is also printed.

Add. MS d/11 · Item · 1884-1900
Part of Additional Manuscripts d

Includes fragment of printed text from the binding of Q.0.113; two parchment fragments from the binding of I.13.76, with transcription, illustration and notes on three loose pages. One loose sheet with rubbing of bindings; one rubbing pasted in Sketch and two rubbings of bindings.

Includes notes on Jenkinsons known to be owners of books, and listed in the University Registry; news clipping about the death of a boy called Jenkinson pasted in.

Add. MS d/3 · Item · 1865-97
Part of Additional Manuscripts d

Items pasted in include printed letters relating to the fund; list of subscribers; notices of meetings; notice requesting applications for the professorship; handwritten copies of 'My Psalm' by John Greenleaf Whittier 'Sent from Acton by A. B. on Oct 22 1897', biblical references, and [Tennyson's] "The Death of the Duke of Clarence and Avondale".