List of Modern Manuscript Collections

This is a list of the modern manuscript collections in Trinity College Library. For information about the groups into which they are divided see the Overview of the collections.

Wren Classes

Wren Class B

Wren Class O

Wren Class R

Additional Manuscripts

Add. MS a

Add. MS b

Add. MS c

Add. MS d

Named Collections

Adams, Frank (ADMS)

Adrian, Lord (ADRN)

Aston, Francis (ASTN)

Babington family (BABN)

Babington Smith see Smith

Baker, Alan (BAKE)

Batchelor, G. K. (BACH)

Bell, Clive (BELL) and (BELL II)

Benson, E. W. (BENS)

Bosanquet, L. S. (BOSA)

Bright, H. A. (BRIG)

Broad, C. D. (BROD and BROD II)

Burn, Robert (BURN)

Butler, Sir James (BUTJ)

Butler, Lord (RAB)

Childers, Erskine (CHIL)

Clark, W. G. (CLAR*)

Clifford, W. K. (CLIF)

Cornford, F. M. (CORN)

Crewe Manuscripts (Crewe MS)

Cullum Collection (Cullum MS)

Cullwick, Hannah see Munby, A. J.

Davenport, Harold (DAVT)

Dobb, Maurice (DOBB)

Duff, J. D. (DUFF)

Eddington, Sir Arthur (EDDN)

Epstein, Sir Anthony (EPST)

Field, Frederick (FIEL)

Frazer, Sir James (FRAZ)

Frisch, Otto (FRSH)

Gaskell, J. P. W. (GASK)

Gooden, Alexander Chisholm (GOOD)

Gow, A. S. F. (GOW)

Greg, Sir Walter (GREG)

Hallam, Henry (HALL*)

Herman, R. A. (HERM)

Hodgkin, Sir Alan (HODG)

Houghton, Lord (HOUG)

Huxley, Sir Andrew (HUXL)

Jackson, Henry (JACK*)

Jeans, Sir James (JEAN)

Jebb, Sir Richard (JEBB)

Johnson family (JOHN)

King, C. W. (KING)

Kreisel, Georg (KREI)

Lamb, Sir Walter (LAMB)

Lapsley, G. T. (LAPS)

Law, Vivien (LAW)

Layton, Lord (LAYT)

Macaulay, Dame Rose (MACR)

McKerrow, R. B. (MCKW)

Mayor family (MAYR)

Milnes, Richard Monckton see Houghton, Lord

Monk family (MONK)

Montagu, E. S. (MONT I and MONT II)

Munby, A. J., and Hannah Cullwick (MUNB)

Munro, H. A. J. (MUNR*)

Myers, F. W. H. and Eveleen (MYER)

Onslow, Huia (ONSL)

Peacock, George (PEAC and PEAC II)

Pethick-Lawrence, Lord and Lady (PETH)

Powell, Enoch (POWL*)

Rhees, Rush (RHEE)

Robertson, Sir Dennis (RBTN)

Robson, Robert (ROBS)

Rothschild Manuscripts (Rothschild MS)

Salter, Margaret and Helen (SALT)

Shaffer, Sir Peter (SHAF)

Sidgwick, Henry (SIDG*)

Smith, A. H. (SMIA)

Smith, Constance Babington (BABS)

Smith, Sir Henry Babington (SMIH)

Smith, James (SMIJ)

Sraffa, Piero (SRAF)

Sraffa Manuscripts (Sraffa MS)

Synge, Richard (SYNG)

Taylor, Sir Geoffrey (TAYL)

Thompson, W. H. (THMP*)

Thomson, Sir George (THMG)

Thomson, Sir Joseph (THMJ I and THMJ II)

Trevelyan, Julian (TREJ)

Trevelyan, R. C. and Elizabeth (TRER)

Turner, Dawson (TURN II and TURN III)

Ullmann, Walter (ULLM)

Watkyn-Thomas, F. W. and Diana (WATK)

Whewell, William (WHWL*)

Winstanley, D. A. (WINS)

Wisdom, John (WISD)

Wittgenstein, Ludwig (WITT)

Other Collections

Manuscripts in Printed Books (MSPB)