Personal and Family Papers Inventory list

Identifier Sort ascending Title Level of description Date Digital object
1 Italian internal passport Item 1916
3 General certificates of good conduct, notice of inclusion in electoral registers Item 1920–25
5 Correspondence between the Home Office, Filippo Turati and Professor Thomas Okey confirming that Sraffa will be allowed entry to Great Britain when in possession of the correct documents File May-Jun 1924
2 Personal Finance Class 1932–80
4 Correspondence with the Swiss Bank Corporation File 1963–75
3 Address book Item n.d.
4 Family papers Class 1925–62
1 Album of obituaries of Angelo and Irma Sraffa Item 1937–43
6 Christies catalogue and documents relating to the sale of Irma Sraffa's jewels File 1944
7 Correspondence between Irma Sraffa and Ada Pontecorvo Item 1946
8 Notebooks containing details of Irma Sraffa's diet Item 1948
5 Mattioli v Stecchini Class 1941–56
1 Folder of papers in the case Mattioli v Stecchini File 1941–56
1 Photographs of Piero Sraffa and family File 19th cent - c1980
9 Visas for visits to China and Czechoslovakia with notes on contacts for these visits File 1954
2 Swiss Bank Corporation counterfoils relating to share transactions Series 1947–51
1 Address book Item n.d.
3 Letters from Paolo Rossi relating to the estate of Angelo Sraffa File 1937–40
10 Letters from specialists on Irma Sraffa's health File 1948
6 Photographs Class 19th cent-c1980
2 File of documents relating to Piero Sraffa's military service together with his 1915-18 campaign medal File 1916–19
7 Copy birth certificates File 1926–39
1 Irma Sraffa's notebook containing information on personal accounts, books sold and financial matters Item 1938–40
3 Correspondence with Barclay's Bank Series 1961,67
6 Bank statements Series 1932–49, 73-80
7 Letters from Silla Seletti Series 1949
3 Address books Class n.d.
5 Title deed and correspondence relating to the sale of family property in Rapallo with correspondence concerning Irma's pension File 1938–40
11 Superceded will of Irma Sraffa with notes on the cause of her death and the distribution of her silver File 1933–49
12 Correspondence and papers concerning rent of family property File 1961–62
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