Nuclear physics and the Second World War

Inventory list
Identifier Sort ascending Title Level of description Date Digital object
3 Note pad containing records in various hands of experiments with electron counters. File 3 May-3 Jun 1935
5 Notes on experiments 13 January-10 February 1938 File
7 Folder labelled `Letters to Nature on Uranium and Thorium'. File 1939
13 Various research papers (not by Thomson) relating to the work of the MAUD Committee File
22 Correspondence re the MAUD committee with M M Gowing File April-May 1961
30 Letter from H.E. Wimperis, 9 June 1939, enquiring whether Thomson would be willing to 'take part in the research activities of Air Ministry Research Establishments in time of war'. Thomson's reply (affirmative) is also included in the folder. File
31 H.M. Stationery Office notebook labelled 'Magnetic Mines 1939', File
32 Ms. and typescript drafts of 'Note on the limits of blackness for small surfaces'. File nd
35 'Television Glider. Notes of meeting with Dr. H.L. Dryden, [United States] Bureau of Standards'. File 30 Sept 1941
44 'Notes on an interview with Air Vice-Marshal McKean'. File 13 Jan 1942
46 'Notes on interview with Colonel H.E. Taber'. File 13 Jan 1942
53 'Report of discussions with Von Karman and Clark Millikan at California Institute of Technology'. File 29 May-2 June 1942
55 'Report on work in connection with A.S. rocket-propelled projectiles at California Institute of Technology'. File nd
59 'Notes on meeting at Toronto with Dr. Best and Dr. Solandt, Professor Shenstone and myself present'. File nd
60 Bundle of notes relating to various visits and meetings. File
63 'Memorandum on Scientific Liaison'. File nd
70 'R.D.F. Principles and Circuits. Chapter 9 - Centimetre Waves' File Dec 1942
73 Correspondence as Scientific Adviser to the Air Ministry File October-November 1943
4 Dark blue hard-cover notebook labelled on front cover 'Experiments with Electron Counters. Prof. Thomson's Laboratory. 1935', and on spine '1935 Positrons' File 1935
6 Red spring-back binder containing ms. and typescript records of neutron velocity analyses File Sep 1938 - Jul 1939
9 Folder containing set of calculations headed 'Bomb in potentially explosive medium' File nd
10 2 separate pages of ms. notes, made at different times, summarising activities relating to the work of the MAUD Committee File [1939]-42
11 'Report by M.A.U.D. Committee on the use of Uranium for a Bomb'. File July 1941
14 Report on 'Meeting Section S.I. Bureau of Standards, Washington, 16 January 1942'. File 16 Jan 1942
16 Ms. and typescript versions of report by Thomson on `Meeting at Offices of C.O. Jelliff Corporation, June 19, 1942'. File June 19, 1942
20 Correspondence re the MAUD committee with R W Clark File Oct 1959-Dec 1960
21 Correspondence re the MAUD committee with J Cockcroft File Feb 1960
25 Correspondence re the MAUD committee with H T Tizard File Aug-Oct 1957
33 Folder containing bundles of calculations, all undated, some with titles File
37 'Notes on visits to Kingston and Montreal' File 18, 20 Oct 1941