Papers of Sir Joseph Thomson (J. J. Thomson), Part II Inventory list

Identifier Sort ascending Title Level of description Date Digital object
9 Biographical notes: Entry for Poggendorff biographical directory, vol. VI File 1923–1931
10 Biographical notes: inscribed 'Two Biographies for Beginners, Edinburgh Dec: 21 1925' Item 21 Dec 1925
14 Biographical notes: Entry for Whitaker's Peerage Item 1938
17 Biographical notes: Article by G.P. Thomson entitled 'Centenary of J. J. Thomson', Science Item 14 Dec 1956
19 Biographical notes: Carbon copy of an unidentified speech re the work of the Cavendish Professors Item 3 Sept 1957
25 Biographical notes: Correspondence from Lord Rayleigh to Thomson's daughter Joan Charnock, re biography File Jun 1941 - Apr 1942
27 Biographical notes: Correspondence between Lord Rayleigh and the Chemical Society re 'The Sir Joseph J. Thomson Memorial Lecture' File 20–30 Oct 1941
28 Biographical notes: Correspondence to Thomson's daughter, Joan Charnock File 1941, 1948–1952
33 Career, honours, and awards: Letter from J.M. Image to Emma Thomson re her son's future success at Trinity College, Cambridge Item 30 Jul 1877
37 Career, honours, and awards: Testimonials File Apr-May 1881
40 Career, honours, and awards: Letter notifying Thomson of his election as Fellow of the Royal Society Item 13 Jun 1884
50-52 Career, honours, and awards: Letters of congratulation to Thomson on receiving the Order of Merit File 7 Mar-2 Apr 1912
59 Career, honours, and awards: Correspondence re Thomson's election as an Honorary Member of the Institution of Civil Engineers File 20 Nov - 3 Dec 1924
64 Career, honours, and awards: Letter re Thomson's acceptance, 8 October 1935, of an honorary Degree from the University of Reading Item 2 Dec 1935
73 Certificates: Honorary PhD, Jagiellionian University, Cracow Item 7 Jun 1900
75 Certificates: Honorary Doctor of Law, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, USA Item 9 Jun 1903
77 Certificates: Honorary Membership of the American Philosophical Society, Philadelphia Item 3 Apr 1903
79 Certificates: Honorary Membership of the Royal Academy of Science of the Netherlands Item 16 May 1904
81 Certificates: Honorary Doctor of Laws degree, University of Aberdeen Item Sept 1906
84 Certificates: Honorary Membership of the Natural Science Society, Russia Item 13 Oct 1911
85 Certificates: Honorary Membership of the Società Reale di Napoli Item 31 Aug 1911
89A Certificates: Honorary Membership of the Royal Society of Medicine, London Item 16 Dec 1919
95 Certificates: John Scott Medal and Premium Item 14 Mar 1923
99A Certificates: Honorary D.Sc., University of London Item 1931
102 Certificates: Honorary degree, Athens Item 19 Apr 1937
106 'J.J. on Education': Material re an address given by Thomson at a Liverpool College Speech Day File 27-28 Nov 1928
107 'J.J. on Education': Untitled manuscript, inscribed on back 'Inaugural Discourse to Summer School of Extra-Mural Studies 1930 or possibly 1914?' Item [1914 or 1930?]
109 'J.J. on Education': Correspondence from G.H. Hardy re the Education Committee File 1940
112 Press cuttings: Including reviews of the first edition of Elements of the Mathematical Theory of Electricity and Magnetism File 1894-1897
114 Press cuttings: Article re Thomson's Hodgkins Gold Medal, Smithsonian Institution,Illustrated Scientific News Item 1 Dec 1902
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