Papers of Sir George Paget Thomson

Inventory list
Identifier Sort ascending Title Level of description Date Digital object
100 A.E.I./A.E.R.E. Joint Progress Meetings 32 - 34 File 1961
102 A.E.I./A.E.R.E. Joint Progress Meetings 38 - 40 File 1963
103 C.T.R. [Controlled Thermonuclear Research] Advisory Committee. Minutes of meetings 1 and 2 File >1957
105 Meeting of the C.T.R. Advisory Committee File 4 November 1959
106 Letters from T E Allibone File 1958–63
107 Correspondence with D R Chick File 1958–60
112 T E Allibone: Statement for Chairman of Associated Electrical Industries Ltd. Progress in Thermonuclear Research at Associated Electrical Industries Limited File 1958
114 Typescript by R J Bickerton titled 'Scaling hours and the Stable Pinched Discharge', File nd
121 A.E.R.E. report by W B Thompson titled 'A phenomenological theory of the constricted gas discharge at moderate currents' File May 1952
126 Typescript by W B Thompson titled 'Gas Discharge Project' File nd
128 Typescript titled 'Pressure in a Gas Discharge' File nd
131 Typescript by W B Thompson and S.J. Roberts titled 'The Viscous Discharge. A New Model of the Highly lonised Gas Discharge' File nd
141 Five unsigned typescripts File 1960-62
145 Miscellaneous bundles of notes and calculations, all undated File n.d.
1 Spring-back folder inscribed 'Rigid Dynamics. G.P. Thomson. Corpus Christi'. File
6 Folder of loose lecture notes inscribed on first page 'Geometrical Optics'. File [1922-30]
12 Folder of loose lecture notes, inscribed on first page 'Mathematics for Students in Physics'. Paginated 1-26, but material continues on similar topics. File
14 Lecture on 'Kinetic Theory', paginated 21-25, perhaps once part of a longer sequence (paper similar to that in F.3) File n.d
22 Spring-back folder inscribed `Elasticity' containing notes for lectures File
27 Folder of notes on various topics in physics, with various revisions and additions on nuclear physics and cosmic rays. File 1947
30 Spring-back folder inscribed 'Discarded pages from Wave Motion lectures'. File
35 'Electron Optics' File nd
36 Notes for 'British Association Discussion'. File
38 Talk titled 'Waves and particles'. File c 1928
40 'Diffraction of Electrons. Lecture at University College Feb.8/29'. File
48 'Electron Diffraction. Univ. of New York Lecture 1'. File 1929-30
54 Notes for a series of four lectures, no indication of place. File 1929-30
60 'The Waves of an Electron' File possibly 1928
62 'Optical Experiments with Electrons', notes 'extracted from a lecture to the Optical Society'. File 1930
70 'Electron Diffraction as a Method of Research' File Jan-Feb 1935