Correspondence and papers on specific items

Inventory list
Identifier Sort ascending Title Level of description Date Digital object
3 MHD, Piero Sraffa, D H Robertson and J R Hicks on the effect of cost reduction on employment with particular reference to Keynes' General Theory File 1937
6 Russian Statistics File 1942
9 Papers relating to visits to Poland and Polish matters File 1947–63
12 Papers relating to University stipend and grants File 1950–66
23 Proposed amendments to 'Theories of Value and Distribution' File 1973–74
2 Reviews and critiques of 'On Marxism Today' with MHD's comments File 1932
10 Papers relating to 'The Russian Economy' File 1948–52
19 Ppaers relating to the Adam Smith bicentenary volume File 1964
18 Papers on investment in machinery, with Champernowne et al File 1963
22 Papers relating to an Honorary LLD awarded by the University of Leicester File 1972
1 Papers relating to the Commission on Public Schools File 1919–20
4 Papers concerning the Communist Party History Group File 1941–63
7 Papers concerning a Readership at London University File 1944
8 Papers relating to a visit to Czechoslovakia and translation of books into Czech File 1946–67
11 Papers relating to a visit to Hungary and translation of books into Hungarian File 1948–58
14 Papers relating to the Rowntree Human Needs Diet File 1951
15 Correspondence and papers relating to a visit to India File 1951
16 Letters relating to the WEA Summer School File 1951
20 Papers relating to a memorial volume for Paul Baran File 1964–65
5 Papers relating to the History of the British Ministry of Munitions File 1942
13 Papers concerning the availability of Russian books in England File 1950–54
17 Papers relating to the production of the index to 'The Works and Correspondence of David Ricardo' File 1953–66
21 Papers relating to a reply to a letter by Schapiro et al on relations with the Soviet Union published in The Times File 1967
24 Letters from publishers giving MHD permission to reprint articles in a volume of collected works File 1966