Henry Sidgwick: miscellanea Inventory list

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52 Letters from Henry Jackson to Leslie Stephen and Nora Sidgwick; notes by Henry Jackson and Nora Sidgwick Item 1900-1904
7 Printed declaration, signed by William Sidgwick on the occasion of his taking the office of Master of the Free Grammar School of Skipton, Yorkshire. Item 9 Dec 1835
30 Letter from James Bryce to Nora Sidgwick Item 11 Oct 1905
32 Letter from M[arianne] Latham to Nora Sidgwick Item 1 Oct [c 1901]
37 Letter from Arthur Sidgwick to Nora Sidgwick. Item 27 Sep 1905
49 Letter from Mary C Malvin to Nora Sidgwick Item 28 Nov 1905
58 Typewritten accounts, and references to accounts, of Henry Sidgwick by various friends, acquaintances, pupils, colleagues and admirers. Item 1900-1902
64/1 Certificate issued by the Royal Hungarian [Arts] University in Budapest conferring an honorary doctorate on Henry Sidgwick Item 13 May 1896
65 Letter from H.G. Zeuthen, secretary of the Royal Danish Academy of Science, to Henry Sidgwick Item 13 Apr 1897
34 Letter from William Everett to Nora Sidgwick Item 15 Oct 1905
29 Letter from (Hallam) Lord Tennyson to Nora Sidgwick Item 12 Aug. 1905
41 Letter from Arthur C. Benson to Nora Sidgwick Item 23 Jun 1905
33 Letter from Frank Podmore to Nora Sidgwick Item 26 Sept. 1905
40 Letter from Alice Johnson to Nora Sidgwick Item 25 Jun 1905
3/1-2 Letter from E.E. Bowen to Arthur Sidgwick Item 8 Jan 1901
3/3-5 Typewritten copy of E.E. Bowen's reminiscences of Henry Sidgwick's undergraduate years. Item [c 1901?]
2 Printed memorial to Henry Sidgwick, entitled 'Memorial to the Late Professor Henry Sidgwick'. Item 22 Jan 1902
4 Printed report of the [committee of] the Royal Society, on the proposal to establish a British Academy. Item 28 Jun 1900
9 Letter from F.W. Maitland to Nora Sidgwick Item 11 Oct 1900
10 Letter from Charlotte F. Patterson to Nora Sidgwick Item 9 Aug 1901
13 Letter from Arthur Sidgwick to Nora Sidgwick. Item 3 Jul 1901
15 Letter from J.W. Cross to Nora Sidgwick Item 5 Jun 1901
31 Letter from James Bryce to Nora Sidgwick Item 14 Aug 1905
47 Letter from James Ward to Nora Sidgwick Item 16 Jan 1906
48 MS account of Henry Sidgwick's 'last public appearance as a philosopher' - a paper on T.H. Green given to the Oxford Philosophical Society, 20 May 1900. Item n.d.
56 Letter from Henry Jackson to Nora Sidgwick Item 8 Jun 1904
60 Certificate awarding Henry Sidgwick an honorary doctorate of the University of Edinburgh Item Feb 1884
63 Letter from the American Academy of Arts and Sciences to Henry Sidgwick Item 10 Oct 1888
18 Letter from Mary Ellen Martineau to Nora Sidgwick Item 8 Nov 1901
14 Letter from E.E. Bowen to Nora Sidgwick Item 18 Sep [1900]
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