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Additional Manuscripts b Ward, James (1843-1925) philosopher and psychologist
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Copy letter from J. G. Frazer to R. R. Marett

St Keyne's, Cambridge. Dated 11 May 1911 - [John] Roscoe is giving a series of lectures on the tribes of Central Africa and could repeat the lectures he is giving at Cambridge in Oxford, and gives his postal address to Marett; thanks him for his inaugural lecture ['The Birth of Humility'] and takes issue with Marett's interpretation of Robertson Smith's views of the order in which ritual and dogma appear, stating that he believed that dogma occurred prior to ritual, not the other way around, and adds that R. M. Meyer has ascribed the same belief to Frazer; in a postscript he questions Marett's regard for [William] McDougall as an authority on psychology and says his friend James Ward does not think highly of him.

Copy letter from J. G. Frazer to R. R. Marett

St Keyne's, Cambridge. Dated 17 May 1911 - Confirms that the Church Missionary Society is paying for the lectures that [John] Roscoe will give, and is glad to hear that he will be invited to give them at Oxford; continues their debate over Robertson Smith's views of the order in which ritual and dogma appear and what he meant by dogma, believes he was expressing a novel view of the importance of the study of ritual and that there was some thought in the minds of the first men, even though it may not be as reasoned as dogma; he thinks ritual bears the impress of some thought and purpose quite as much as civilised men, and responds to Marett's statement about psychologists, stating that he doesn't think them better qualified than those who study savage ritual, even such a friend as James Ward; agrees about the importance of criticism; was glad to hear that Marett is coming closer to his views on some points.

Two copy letters from Mary Ward to Sir James Frazer

72 Gordon Mansions, Francis Street, W.C.1. Dated June 25 and 27, 1930 - Thanks him for his kind letter about her son's memoirs [Kenneth Martin Ward]; is visiting her daughter Margery Lawson Dodd and will visit her sister in Cambridge [Anna Martin] and asks them to visit; answers his question about a memoir of her husband James Ward, she replies that her daughter Olwen wrote one as a preface to his papers and addresses on education; she lives the life of an invalid with a damaged heart and bronchial trouble; in the letter dated two days later she corrects herself, and says that the preface was in a volume of her husband's philosophical papers.

Typewritten accounts, and references to accounts, of HS by various friends, acquaintances, pupils, colleagues and admirers.

Includes Professor Maitland's speech at the memorial meeting for Henry Sidgwick; obituary by Miss E.E.C. Jones, which appeared in the Journal of Education for October 1900; 'Dr Keynes in the Economic Journal of Dec 1900', references to Sidgwick made by Professor Sorley, quoted from a letter of 2 September 1900, and from the International Journal of Ethics for January 1901; reference to Sidgwick made by Alice Gardner in a letter of 24 August 1900; 'Mr C.F.G. Masterman in the Commonwealth for November 1900'; 'From the Cambridge Letter of 1900 of the Newnham College Club'; 'A.T. Lyttelton [Bishop of Southampton] in a letter of Sept. 21, 1900'; 'Sir F. Pollock in a letter of Aug.30.1900'; 'Mrs Sanger [A.D. Pease] in a letter of Sept.23.1900'; 'Mr C. Cooper who took his degree in 1874 in a letter to Dr Ward' from October 1900; 'Professor Mandello, Professor of Law and Political Science at Pressbourg in a letter of Oct. 14, 1900'; 'Miss Agnes Mason in a letter of Nov 16. 1900'; 'Mrs McLeod [E. Stevenson] in a letter of Oct.24.1900'; 'Miss A.M. Jackson in a letter of June 9.1900'; 'Miss Alice Woods in a letter of Sept.2 1900'; 'Miss Amy Sharpe in a letter of Sept.3.1900'; 'Miss Emma Brooke in a letter of Sept.29.1900'; 'Miss Susan Cunnington in a letter of March 9.1902'. Some MS explanatory notes, amendments and emendations included.