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Archival description
TAYL/C/1 · File · c1910, 1976
Part of Papers of Sir Geoffrey Taylor (G. I. Taylor)

Autograph ms., pages numbered 3-41, with a note by G.K. Batchelor, 'Found in G.I's garage in a water-stained folder, July 1976'.
Although the pagination begins p.3, the paper begins `Some months ago Sir J.J. Thomson suggested to me to try and find some explanation of the action of crystal rectifiers, and the experiments described in this paper are the results of this suggestion'. It seems therefore that the missing pages 1 and 2 did not include the substance of the paper.
Also included is correspondence re the paper between G.K. Batchelor and A.B. Pippard, 1976.

TAYL/A/1 · File · [1924]
Part of Papers of Sir Geoffrey Taylor (G. I. Taylor)

A 23 pp. typescript account by Carmelita Hinton (Taylor's cousin by marriage) with a ms. note 'Written for friends for Xmas 1924', and a ms. note by Batchelor 'Sent to Stephanie Ravenhill. Part 2 describes a cruise on "Frolic" with G.I.T. as skipper.'
The party included 'Aunt Maggie' (Taylor's mother), 'another cousin Ursula' [Nettleship, see A.161], a 'Dr. Adrian' [E.D. Adrian] and 'The O'Malleys' [see A.163].

TAYL/B/1 · File · 1913
Part of Papers of Sir Geoffrey Taylor (G. I. Taylor)

Exercise-book, with ms. note by G.K. Batchelor inside front cover 'Notebook used by G.I.T. on `Scotia' in 1913'. Contains notes, drawings and calculations on anemometer observations on turbulent air, 8 May-27 July 1913. Includes drawings for the tethered kite on the mast-head which enabled successful observations to be taken.
Some pages have been torn from the rear of the book.

TAYL/D/101 · File · 1971-75
Part of Papers of Sir Geoffrey Taylor (G. I. Taylor)

Third Canadian Congress of Applied Mechanics (CANCAM 71). 1971
Visit to Massachusetts Institute of Technology. 1971
Taylor delivered the Lester Gardner Memorial Lecture, which encouraged G.K. Batchelor and M. Van Dyke to propose a 'Recorded dialogue with G.I. Taylor' to take further some of the ideas expressed.
Invitation to Jubilee Session, USSR Academy of Sciences, Moscow. 1971
Invitation to Second Congress of Polish Science, Warsaw. 1972
150th Anniversary of Franklin Institute. 1973
Congress on 'Advanced Problems in Mechanics', and Panetti Centenary, Turin. 1975
250th Anniversary celebrations, Academy of Sciences, Moscow. 1975

Mainly letters to Margaret Taylor re presentation of drawings and paintings by her husband to various museums and galleries, 1931-35. Includes correspondence from: S. Cockerell (Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge), C. Dodgson (Dept. of Prints and Drawings, British Museum), M. Hardie (Victoria and Albert Museum), 1931-33, Fine Art Society. A curriculum vitae of Edward Taylor is also included.

Misc. items relating to George Boole.

Includes: 2 autograph signatures of George Boole.

Notes of various items relating to Boole in the possession of the Taylor family.

List of items relating to Boole left at `Farmfield' at Taylor's death, and their disposition (compiled by G.K. Batchelor).

List of material presented by Taylor to the Royal Irish Academy, May 1954.

Press-cuttings re Boole.

TAYL/A/11 · File · 1968-72
Part of Papers of Sir Geoffrey Taylor (G. I. Taylor)

Includes correspondence with:
J. I. Beck, 1969
J. S. Bunt (Taylor's bequest of his portrait to Glenn Vivian Art Gallery, Swansea), 1969
M. Deacon (taped interviews with Taylor), 1969
T. Griffiths (his profile of Taylor, see A.4), 1972
J. Hanson (history of Royal Aeronautical Establishment, etc.), 1968
R. MacLeod (Taylor's papers), 1972
M. Slocombe (BBC Sound Archives), 1970

TAYL/D/11 · File · 1953-56, 61
Part of Papers of Sir Geoffrey Taylor (G. I. Taylor)

Concerns the formation, constitution, membership, records of early meetings of The Yacht Research Council. Taylor was a founder member of the Council, and Chairman of the Committee on Sail Design. Includes related correspondence, and a copy of a brochure on the Council's work, 1961