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Papers of Otto Frisch File
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Five conferences in the U.S.A., Belgium, France, and the U.K.

American Physical Society, M.I.T., April 1946.

The Physical Society, Conference on Fundamental Particles and Low-Temperature Physics, Cambridge, July 1946.

University of Ghent Colloquium, invitation and letter of thanks from A. Berthelot, 1946-47.

Collège de France, Rutherford memorial meeting, 1947.

University of Birmingham, Conference 'Problems of Nuclear Physics', September 1948.

Visit to the U.S.A.

E.10: Correspondence re conference at Chicago, programme, list of participants, etc.
E.11: Correspondence re other visits and talks, to Bell Telephone Laboratories, Brookhaven National Laboratories, Carnegie Institute of Technology, Harvard University, Iowa State College, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Washington University.

Przibram, K. and others

Przibram was Frisch's supervisor for his doctorate in Vienna in 1926. Correspondence 1973 is with Przibram's family and others after his death.

Pugwash Conferences

Miscellaneous material re meetings, conferences, policy statements, etc., some annotated by Frisch; includes a little MS material, notes taken at conferences, brief correspondence.

Rabel, G. and others

Dr. Gabriele Rabel was an Austrian scientist, contemporary with Lise Meitner, who attended Einstein's lectures in Berlin. Folder includes offprint of her article 'Die Geschichte des "Cavendish"' 1946, miscellaneous correspondence re her house near Cambridge bought with the help of Frisch and other friends, and its disposal after her death in 1963.

Correspondence with publishers and editors: A

C.102: Adventures in Experimental Physics 1973
Allen and Unwin Limited: Correspondence and agreement re proposed 'Collected Papers' by Frisch. 1958
C.103: American Technion Society 1948
Appleton-Century-Crofts 1964
Atlantic Monthly 1962

Rainer - Raven

Rainer, A.C. 1939-41, 1950. Mainly re Frisch's parents.

Ramsey, N.F. 1950, 1954

Rasmussen, E. 1946, 1949

Ratcliffe, J.A. 1969-70, 1974

Raven, C.E. n.d. c. 1969

Correspondence: Simons - Urbach

Simons, L. 1939

Smith, C. 1939-40. Re Annual Report for the Journal of the Chemical Society (see What little I remember, pp.124-125)

Stern, O. 1939. Frisch's carbon only.

Urbach, F. 1939

Rehder - Riley

Rehder, M-L. 1967

Reines, F. 1962. Frisch's carbon only.

Richards, H.T. 1950

Ridley, B. 1955, 1976

Rieser, L.M. 1946, 1979

Riley, K.F. n.d.

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