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Papers of Sir James Butler (J. R. M. Butler)
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Papers of Sir James Butler (J. R. M. Butler)

  • BUTJ
  • Fondo
  • 1794–1975

Personal correspondence 1894-1974, papers concerning Trinity College and Cambridge University 1907-66, academical notes 1920-50, lectures 1921-62, publications 1914-64, papers relating to The Directorate of Military Operations 1918-19, The League of Nations 1918-32, J R M Butler's political life 1918-24, Civil Affairs Staff Centre 1943-44, Papers of George Butler 1794-1850, papers of Henry Montagu Butler 1846-1918, papers of Gordon Kerr Montagu Butler 1910-16, papers of Nevile Montagu Butler 1910-67

Butler, Sir James Ramsay Montagu (1889–1975), knight, historian

Letter from George Butler to Weeden Butler

Maltby will not stand for the headship, GB's plans to get testimonials, other applicants are Mark Drury and Benjamin Evans, Drury such a bad scholar that he should not have a chance, Evans should be a man of talent but is an indifferent scholar: Sidney Sussex

Letter from George Butler to Weeden Butler

Harrow. Senior Harrow boys requested Butler to forego the Greek examination, GB knows that the study of grammar has been lax and the boys fear that he will insist that they parse and that he will examine them critically, anti-Butler inscriptions painted on the school walls

[ ] to GB

encloses news cutting of a piece that he encouraged a Warwick newspaper to publish correcting some inaccuracies reported about the Harrow rebellion

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