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Archival description
General political speeches
RAB/L/1 · File · n.d. and 1926–1930
Part of Papers of Lord Butler

Includes Halstead meeting when RAB prospective parliamentary candidate, maiden speech, agricultural matters and Essex meetings, Geoffrey Lloyd as prospective parliamentary candidate

General political
RAB/G/1 · File · 1929–1932
Part of Papers of Lord Butler

Correspondence of general political nature including letter of congratulations on maiden speech, letters re preservation of Thaxted windmill and future of Bishop's Stortford School, letter from Winston Churchill in reply to one from RAB sympathising with his illness, copy letter to Samuel Hoare re Indian Constitution

India, General
RAB/F/1 · File · n.d. and 1904–1938
Part of Papers of Lord Butler

Folder endorsed 'India General': 2 copies of Attock-on-the-Indus by George Adam Smith, with RAB's first letter to his grandmother, Mary Butler; scale drawing of elevation of mantle clock; programme of Lord and Lady Irwin's visit to Nagpur, 1926; essay on Attock by RAB; 2 silhouette caricatures of Butler family in Central Provinces; printed and typescript reports of 1931 Round Table Conference and Committees; speech notes; various letters and papers on Indian policy including report of meeting with W.S. Morrison, letters from Samuel and Maud Hoare, correspondence with Marquess of Dufferin and Ava, congratulations on House of Commons speech of 29 March 1933 and on leaving India Office, condolences on death of Sir Harcourt Butler in March 1939

RAB/G/10 · File · c.1938/9–1939
Part of Papers of Lord Butler

Labelled 1939 by Julia Fish. Made up of constituency correspondence, Foreign Office papers including views of Duke of Buccleuch, printed record by Halifax of events of Aug-Sept and notes by RAB on same period, personal papers, description of life at Stanstead Hall, character studies of Halifax and Sir Horace Wilson [also in F80]

"R.T.C. 21"
RAB/F/10 · File · 1931
Part of Papers of Lord Butler

Second report of the Minorities Committee to the Second Session of the Round Table Conference. Supplementary statement by Dr B.S. Moonje with reference to Appendix VI of the Second report of the Minorities Committee, with covering note of 24 Nov 1931. Supplementary memorandum by Sir Provash Chunder Mitter on the Communal Question, with reference to Appendix XV of the Second report of the Minorities Committee, with covering note of 24 Nov 1931. Criticism by Raja Narendra Nath of the Pact between Muslims, Depressed Classes, Anglo-Indians and Europeans. To form Appendix XX of the Second report of the Minorities Committee

Central Africa Office
RAB/F/100 · File · 1963
Part of Papers of Lord Butler

Accounts by RAB of talks with Roy Welensky and of Rhodesian situation in general, 3 personal letters of support, 2 from Paul Channon, article on RAB from Wall Street Journal

RAB/L/100 · File · 1935–1937
Part of Papers of Lord Butler

Press cuttings about money-lending in India, India Bill, Ministers and election prospects, letters to and about RAB (4 docs), Sefardi Jews and the India Bill including letter from the Archbishop of Canterbury, appreciations of India Bill from Asiatic Review, seating plan and menu for Corpus Christi College, Cambridge, Name Day Feast 1935, Quetta earthquake, two letters of congratulation on RAB's talks at Imperial Defence College, Prime Minister's visit to Stanstead Hall including photographs (3 docs), article by RAB: 'After eight years - India Act on statute book', Essex politics, General Election including photographs (3 docs), other parties' election propaganda, article by RAB 'A victory of peace', 'Candidate's suggested meetings for General Election 1935' etc. with annotations by RAB, Naval Conference, award of V.C. to Captain Meynell, death of H.M. |King George V, Locarno Treaty, Cambridge Union debate in support of socialism opposed by RAB, three letters of congratulation on Bridgwater meeting, Indian reform including photographs (2 docs), Declaration of abdication of Edward VIII, birth and christening of Samuel James Butler, coronation of H.M. King George VI, coronation letter from Richard Clive Butler to his grandmother, RAB's accident with letter from RAB to parents, letters re RAB's move to Ministry of Labour, International Labour Conference at Geneva, new Government, 40-hour week, RAB's account of proceedings at Geneva with photograph, instructional centres, Mastership of Pembroke College, Cambridge, article by RAB on 'Great Britain and the 40-hour week', opening of rope-works at Leith with letter from Aunt Isabel Ross