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Archival description
Lecture and Speeches
HODG/E · Class · 1950-1987
Part of Papers of Sir Alan Hodgkin

A chronological sequence of papers relating to Hodgkin's public and academic lectures, and other speeches and addresses delivered at various occasions.

Societies and Organisations
HODG/G · Class · 1938-1989
Part of Papers of Sir Alan Hodgkin

1-7: Cambridge Graduates' Science Club (1938-1960)
8-13: George Henry Lewes Studentship Fund (1968-1983)
14: Gresham's School (1984)
15-25: Leverhulme Research Awards Advisory Committee (1977-1979)
26-103: Marine Biological Association of the United Kingdom (1956-1987)
104-120: Medical Research Council (1960-1978)
121-132: Nuffield Foundation (1962-1968)
133-148: Physiological Society (1951-1979)
149-151: Royal Commission on Medical Evidence (1965-1967)
152-237: Royal Society (1953-1989)

Papers of Sir Alan Hodgkin
HODG · Fonds · 1902-2000

This sizable archive contains the following materials. Biographical and autobiographical material 1914-2000, school and college papers 1919-1936, honours and awards 1936-1987, family correspondence and papers 1902-1977, personal correspondence 1937-1981, administrative papers relating to University and College 1938-1989, research notebooks 1934-1987, research files 1935-1991, publications 1838-1988, lectures and speeches 1950-1987, papers relating to visits and conferences 1961-1998, papers relating to societies and organisations 1938-1989, correspondence 1945-1990, photographic materials 1937-1972

Hodgkin, Sir Alan Lloyd (1914-1998), knight, physiologist
Non-textual material
HODG/J · Class · 1937-1972
Part of Papers of Sir Alan Hodgkin

1-82: Photographic films (1937-1963)
83-104: Photographic slides (1939-1951)
105-118: Photographic prints (1971-1972)
119-121: Out-size material (various dates)

104-168: Family
Series · 1902-1977
Part of Papers of Sir Alan Hodgkin

The great bulk of this material is correspondence from Hodgkin, and later Hodgkin's family, to his mother (106-164).

1-67: Experimental Notebooks
Series · 1934-1986
Part of Papers of Sir Alan Hodgkin

These notebooks chiefly cover experimental work carried out at the Physiological Laboratory, University of Cambridge, and the Marine Biological Association laboratory, Plymouth, Hodgkin's first summer at the MBA was in 1939 when he worked for the first time with A. F. Huxley on squid nerve fibre. After the interruption of the war years their work resumed at Plymouth in 1947 and was completed by the publication of five papers in 1952.

Contents are chiefly tables of experimental results, often with notes on the details of particular experiments, with diagrams and calculations etc. Dates, where found, are sometimes inscribed at the top of a page or on the cover, though some notebooks have no dates. Intercalated pages of notes and graphs are also found. Entries in the hands of others, chiefly A. F. Huxley and B. Katz, frequently found.

Series · 1940-1987
Part of Papers of Sir Alan Hodgkin

106-156: Early research (1935-1939)

157-308: Various topics (1942-1991). A small amount of material relating to Hodgkin's work during World War II is included at C/157.

308A-1120: Later experiments and theory (1960-1988). Much of this material was found organised in a rough chronological sequence. It chiefly consists of experimental data (manuscript and computer-generated), calculations and theoretical notes. A large proportion of the experiments are on vision.

1122-1127: 'Circuits' (1939-1960). Contents of a box so inscribed. The material appears to be chiefly c 1945 and to relate to Hodgkin's work in designing electrical circuits. It appears to cover some of his later wartime work on airborne radar at the Telecommunications Research Establishment (TRE) 1940-1945, and work on the nerve impulse, which he resumed with A. F. Huxley in 1946. It is probable that some of the circuit diagrams represent Hodgkin's preparations for the resumption of the nerve impulse research.

Series · 1914-2000
Part of Papers of Sir Alan Hodgkin

1-3: Obituaries, memorials and tributes (1998-2000)
4-5: Curricula vitae and list of publications (c 1975-1988)
6-18: Autobiographical information (1963-1988)
19-22: Hodgkin's 'Personal' File, including University correspondence, finances, donations etc (1936-1981)
23: Newspaper cuttings, mostly relating to the Mastership of Trinity Colleg, 1984 (1970-1992)
24-29: Requests for autographs (1963-1986)
30-38: Childhood memorabilia (1914-1923)

25-36: Correspondence
Series · 1945-1957
Part of Papers of Sir Alan Hodgkin

Contents of an untitled folder. Chronological sequence of scientific correspondence, complementary to the preceding. Includes correspondence re equipment and supplies.

37-93: 'Old Letters'
Series · 1947-1959
Part of Papers of Sir Alan Hodgkin

Contents of two box folders so inscribed: alphabetical sequence of correspondence with colleagues about research, publications, visits, equipment etc.

350-378: Teaching
Series · 1939-1981
Part of Papers of Sir Alan Hodgkin

Papers and correspondence relating to lecture courses in the Department of Physiology. Included are details of course content and organisation, lecture notes (some in Hodgkin's hand), timetables, memoranda to staff, agenda for staff meetings, lecture hand-outs etc.