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containing notes from Sidgwick Methods of Ethics, Ross The Right and the Good, Moore Joseph and Taylor Is Goodness a Quality, Moore Conception of Intrinsic Value and The Nature of Moral Philosophy, Gallie Oxford Moralists and Joseph Some Problems in Ethics. [Broad's method seems to be to make notes on the recto and to comment on the verso of the previous folio]

Papers of W. G. Clark

  • CLAR*
  • Collection
  • 19th century-20th century

This small collection contains: MS volumes with notes on classical subjects, particularly Aristophanes, and historical subjects; the beginning of a work on travels in Africa, and a journal of a visit to Mount Athos; a library catalogue; a manuscript book of verses.

This material forms a series within the additional manuscripts series b, c, and d and are catalogued as Add.MS.b.5, Add.MS.c.1, Add.MS.c.8-12, and Add.MS.d.4-8

Clark, William George (1821–1878), literary and classical scholar

Cullum Collection

  • CULL
  • Collection
  • 15th-20th cent

George Gery Milner-Gibson-Cullum's collection of autographs. The correspondence of Cullum's parents with notable contemporaries provided the core of the collection, but he amassed autographs from far beyond this sphere. The collection includes many examples from the royal and noble houses of Europe, of European politicians and Presidents of the USA, of Popes and senior members of the Church and of actors, authors, writes and composers.

Cullum, George Gery Milner-Gibson- (1857–1921), antiquary

Crewe Manuscripts

  • Crewe MS
  • Collection
  • 16th–20th centuries

The collection includes manuscripts in various European languages, dating from the sixteenth century to the twentieth. Most of them are, broadly speaking, of a literary, historical, or religious nature, but it is not easy to summarise the range of subjects they cover. They include, for instance, from the seventeenth century, notarial instruments in French relating to Charlotte de Beaune, an English translation of Den Spegel der Gherechticheit by Hendrik Niclaes of the so-called ‘Family of Love’, and a collection of English court poetry; from the eighteenth, papers on British trade, literary copyright, notorious criminals, and the French revolution; and from the nineteenth, a collection of papers and prints relating to the history of ballooning, items collected by Richard Burton on his travels, and a series of volumes recording the transactions of the Philobiblon Society.

Milnes, Richard Monckton (1809–1885), 1st Baron Houghton, author and politician

Papers of Henry Hallam

  • HALL*
  • Collection
  • 18th century-19th century

Hallam's papers in Trinity College Library include commonplace books; historical notes; journal of a trip to Italy, 1828; diaries 1799-1800; household accounts, 1812, 1845-1851.

This material forms a collection within the additional manuscripts series a, b, c and d, catalogued as Add.Ms.a.22-28, Add.Ms.b.18-21A, Add.Ms.c.17-20 and Add.Ms.d.13-52.

Hallam, Henry (1777–1859), historian

Papers of Henry Jackson

  • JACK*
  • Collection
  • 19th–20th century

The Henry Jackson papers include notes for lectures, correspondence files and a scrapbook.

These papers form a series within the additional manuscripts and are catalogued as Add.MS.a.289-290, Add.Ms.b.75-76, Add.Ms.b.80-88,Add.Ms.c.24-47a, and Add.MS.d.73.

Jackson, Henry (1839–1921), classical scholar

Papers of H. A. J. Munro

  • MUNR*
  • Collection
  • [19th cent.]

A small collection of volumes of notes, writings, and translations on classical subjects, as well as an obituary notice of William George Clark and a memoir of Edward Meredith Cope.

This material forms a series within the additional manuscripts series a, b, c, and d and are catalogued as Add.Ms.a.3, Add.Ms.b.1-4, Add.Ms.c.13-15, and Add.Ms.d.9-10.

Munro, Hugh Andrew Johnstone (1819–1885), classical scholar

Classical papers of Enoch Powell

  • POWL*
  • Collection
  • [1930s]

This collection contains materials produced while Powell was working on Thucydides and the word slips used in developing his Herodotus Lexicon.

This material forms a series within the additional manuscripts series b and c and are catalogued as Add.Ms.b.90-96 and Add.Ms.c.113-151, 244.

Powell, John Enoch (1912–1998), politician

Manuscript collection of the third Baron Rothschild

  • ROTH
  • Collection
  • 16th-19th centuries

The collection consists of the manuscript collection of the third Baron Rothschild, much of which was purchased at auction. The majority of items are 18th-century literary works with a particular emphasis on Swift.

Rothschild, Nathaniel Mayer Victor (1910–1990), 3rd Baron Rothschild, zoologist and public servant

Papers of Henry Sidgwick

  • SIDG*
  • Collection
  • 1859–1906

This collection of Sidgwick's papers consists mostly of correspondence covering the period 1859 to 1900, the major correspondents being Mary Sidgwick, Mary Benson (nee Sidgwick), F W H Myers and Eleanor Sidgwick. There is also some biographical material, obituary notices and papers relating to the memoir of Sidgwick published by Eleanor and Arthur Sidgwick.

These papers are catalogued within the additional manuscript series 'c' and are catalogued as Add.Ms.c.93-106; Add.MS.b.68-71 and Add.MS.d.64-71 also comprise material by or relating to Sidgwick.

Sidgwick, Henry (1838–1900), philosopher

Manuscripts collected by Piero Sraffa

  • SRMS
  • Collection
  • 1629-20th c.

The collection comprises manuscript correspondence and notes of a number of important political economists and politicians.

Sraffa, Piero (1898-1983), economist

Papers of W. H. Thompson

  • THMP*
  • Collection
  • [19th cent.]

This collection contains correspondence, a journal of a tour in Greece in 1856, notebooks on classical subjects and other writings, and printed material primarily relating to his classical studies and lectures as Professor of Greek at the University of Cambridge.

This material forms a series within the additional manuscripts series b, c, and d and are catalogued as Add.MS.b.115-119, Add.MS.c.72-73, Add.MS.c.158-160

Thompson, William Hepworth (1810–1886), college head