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Sidgwick, Mary (d 1879) mother of Henry Sidgwick Part
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Letter from Henry Sidgwick to his mother

Doesn't expect 'the "general public" ' to read much of his book [Methods of Ethics]. Claims that the point of it is that 'it treats in a technical and precise manner questions which are ordinarily discussed loosely and popularly.' Claims to be now 'very jolly and sufficiently idle', and awaits the reviews. Reports that Arthur has asked him to go to Rugby 'on the 2d'. States that he shall have to go away 'on the 7th' or earlier. Wishes to have a long talk with his mother, and suggests that he might go to her from Cheltenham 'on Friday [the first] and go on to Rugby the next day.' Asks if this arrangement would suit her.

Letter from Henry Sidgwick to F.W.H. Myers

States that he has wanted to write to Myers since he and Nora went back to Cambridge [after his mother's funeral], but claims that he finds it difficult to write 'not from painfulness of feeling', since his mother's death 'seems really a release, but from perplexity and mingledness.' Writes that he feels as if he had 'reached the summit of the Pass of Life: behind the old memories from infancy, unrolled like a map, and before the strange world of "the majority" near though in a mist, at which [he is] forced to gaze. And more than ever the alternatives of the Great Either-Or seem to be Pessimism or Faith'.

Reports that Nora was away 'all the time at Terling'. States that, although she was not seriously ill, he had been worried about her, but she considers herself quite well now.