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BBC Radio: 'Atomic energy today'

Series of four talks, broadcast as prelude to Geneva Conference, July 1955.
The subjects were: 'As a power source'
'Medical and research uses'
'Future possibilities'
Outline of talks, Danish version, correspondence.

Correspondence between R. C. Trevelyan and the BBC regarding a radio broadcast on Catullus

Typed copy of telegrams, draft letters from Trevelyan and typed letters from Christopher Hassall of the BBC. Two typed letters from E. M. Layton of the BBC's copyright department. Trevelyan's radio programme on Catullus, third in a series of broadcasts on Latin poetry, was transmitted on the Third Programme, 27 Aug 1947.

BBC Radio: 'The atom'

Correspondence 1948-49 re broadcasts for European and Overseas Services, to be given in English and German, on 'The Atom'.

No English script survives, but there are drafts for two talks in German on the nature and uses of atomic energy, one with a note 'BBC 19(48) or 49'.

BBC Radio: 'This age of magnetism'

Talk for 'Science Survey', May 1959, also broadcast in German Service, June 1959.

Scripts of English and German versions, correspondence which also refers to publication in The Listener and to re-broadcast in Swedish.

BBC Radio: 'At the speed of light'

Series of six programmes in Network Three; Frisch took part in no.5 'Electromagnetic Radiation and the Atom', broadcast May 1963.

Outline of series, script of Frisch's contribution, correspondence, arrangements for script to be amended and re-broadcast in French by Université Radiophonique et Télévisuelle Internationale.

BBC Radio: 'The magnetic proton'

No. 2 in the series 'Experiment', broadcast in Third Programme, September 1963 (describing work with Hahn in 1930).
Draft, script of broadcast, correspondence, report (highly favourable) from Audience Research Department, plans to publish series as booklet.

BBC Radio: 'Causality'

No.6 in a series of talks 'A Few Ideas', broadcast in Third Programme, April 1964 and subsequently published in The Listener.
Revised draft, correspondence 1963-64.

BBC Radio: talk on Einstein

Talk on Einstein, recorded July 1965, as part of three programmes on 'Einstein - the Man and his Achievement', broadcast on the Third Programme, 1966.

Draft, correspondence re talk, German version, publication by B.B.C. Publications 1965-67, and later correspondence re U.S. publication 1970, 1973.

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