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Carbon copy of a letter from Emmeline Pethick-Lawrence to Victor Gollancz

Offers to send him the typescript of her autobiography, to be entitled The Old Order Changeth (published as My Part in a Changing World), the substance of which deals with the suffrage movement and the peace movement.



16th. November, 1937.
Victor Gollancz Limited, | Publishers,
14, Henrietta Street, | Strand, W.C.2.

Dear Mr. Gollancz,

I have been engaged during the last year in writing the story of my life and I should like to submit it to you if you would be interested to see it.

The title I have chosen is “The Old Order Changeth” with a sub-title “An Autobiography” over my name.

The substance of the book which deals with the suffrage movement and with the peace movement, both of which had international aspects, will be of interest in the Dominions and also in America which I have visited five times.

There are twenty-two chapters and I am just finishing the twenty-second. The whole consists of about 150,000 words.

Would you care for me to send the typescript in a few days when it is quite finished, to be submitted to your reader? If so, and his report is favourable, we could perhaps then meet to decide details,

Yours sincerely,
[Added in pencil] Signed E P L

Draft of a letter from Emmeline Pethick-Lawrence to Victor Gollancz

‘As from’ 11 Old Square, London, W.C.2.—Accepts his terms (for publishing her autobiography; see 1/366). Will send the revised manuscript in January. The book should sell well in America, and might form the basis of a film about the suffrage movement.

(Marked ‘Copy’, but probably a draft.)