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Giles, Peter (1860-1935) philologist
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Copy letter from J. G. Frazer to R. S. Conway

4 Parkside, Cambridge. Dated 19 January, 1903 - Relays a variety of [A. B.] Cook's etymological questions, such as 'Can "Egeria" be for "Aegeria" and that mean oak-goddess?'; Cook is supporting his etymologies with arguments drawn from mythology and archaeology, and is to write a paper for a classical periodical; he is in contact with Giles as well.

Copy letter from James Hope Moulton to J. G. Frazer

Didsbury College, Manchester. Dated 13.7.06 - Answers a question about etymology of Zeus Kappotas, and asks if he has asked [Peter] Giles. Finds [Lewis Richard] Farnell's review objectionable, hopes he will put him right; thanks him for writing to [Edward] Clodd, is busy with his seccond edition and other work.

Two letters from P. Giles to Lady Frazer

Emmanuel College Lodge, Cambridge - Reports that Mr Wilson paid Roscoe [for the Frazer lecture] in December and that it may be possible to assimilate the Cambridge regulations to those of Oxford before it comes to the turn of Cambridge again.

Letter from P. Giles to J. G. Frazer

Emmanuel College Lodge, Cambridge - He has been busy with the admission of undergraduates and it is plain the University is no longer able to cope with the numbers who wish to join; the dinner on Shrove Tuesday was a great success; it was a pity that Marett felt the need to attack Elliot Smith on such an occasion [his Frazer Lecture]; but Elliot Smith doesn't appear worried by it.