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Papers of Harold Davenport Birch, Bryan John (b 1931) mathematician
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Correspondence with B. J. Birch, re joint papers

(Bibliog. 118 and 119)

Since Davenport collaborated with Birch on these two papers published in 1958, and as an accurate division of this material between them would be impossible, it has been arranged in a single chronological sequence.

D.112: June, July 1957
D.113: August 1957
D.114: September-December 1957
D.115: January, February 1958
D.116: March-July 1958
D.117: 2 ms. drafts, 5pp. and 11pp.
D.118: 2 ms. drafts on same subject, 7pp. (with 4pp. ms. notes) and 6pp.
D.119: Miscellaneous ms. notes, drafts and calculations
D.120: Ms. notes by Birch

'On a theorem of Mrs. Turán'

(Bibliog. 153).
D.154: 8pp. heavily-corrected ms. draft, and photocopy of original version without corrections.
D.155: 7pp. photocopy of ms. draft with ms. corrections, and a covering letter to B. J. Birch, 8 July 1964.

'The collected works of Harold Davenport', edited by B. J. Birch, H. Halberstam and C. A. Rogers

210: Correspondence between the editors and with other colleagues, 1969, 1970
211: Correspondence between the editors and with other colleagues, 1974
212: Correspondence between the editors and with other colleagues, 1975
213: B. J. Birch's ms. notes for and drafts of introductions to papers by Davenport. Photocopies of Davenport's typescript notes on his own work. Part only; for full version see A.10. 4pp. typescript index, with ms. corrections by B. J. Birch.

Correspondence and material relating to the memoir of Davenport by C. A. Rogers, D. A. Burgess, H. Halberstam and B. J. Birch

Correspondence and material relating to the memoir of Davenport by C.A. Rogers, D.A. Burgess, H. Halberstam and B.J. Birch (Biographical Memoirs of Fellows of the Royal Society, 17, 1971).

Includes 2pp. plan allocating work between collaborators, correspondence, drafts of various sections of the memoir.

'Additive number theory'

Miscellaneous ms. notes and calculations, including 4pp. paginated sequence re paper by B.J. Birch. Created while working at Cambridge University, 1958-1969.

'The higher arithmetic'

D.89: 'Old material for book': Contents of a folder so inscribed, consisting of extensive ms. notes and drafts kept in their original order. Continuous sequences have been clipped together for ease of reference. Some material probably dates from 1947. Professor B. J. Birch has contributed (February 1986) the following explanatory note: 'All of this can be regarded as material for his book on "Higher Arithmetic", though only a small proportion of these notes survived into the printed version. Probably the material was "tested" in lectures at UCL (and maybe Bangor).'
D.90: Correspondence. Correspondence with Hutchinson's University Library, publishers, and correspondence with reviewers, L. Schoenfeld and P. T. Bateman, 1953, with 1p. ms. note of where reviews appeared.
D.91-92: General correspondence with colleagues and others, arranged in alphabetical sequence.