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Lawrence, Emmeline Pethick- (1867-1954), suffragette, wife of the 1st Baron Pethick-Lawrence
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Letter from Mark Guy Pearse to F. W. Lawrence

28 Gordon Mansions (W.C.).—Is delighted by the news of his engagement to Vechan (Emmeline Pethick), and looks forward to meeting him.



28 Gordon Mansions.
June 13: 1901

Dear Mr. Lawrence

Vechan has asked me to meet you at 20 Somerset Terrace on Tuesday {1} at four o’clock. I want just to say how great a pleasure it will be to me.

You know something of our relationship—how all her life she has shared with me her thoughts, and her heart. I am glad that this has come to her & to you. I know that she has but one thought, one purpose, one prayer—it is that she may help you live to the highest and largest fulfilment of your best purposes. She accepts her position with almost an awe, seeing the greatness of your life’s possibility. Vechan can never be to me other than she has ever been,—a kind of holy trust. And to me it will be more than a joy, my blessedness if I can serve her still & serve you for her sake.

I am glad you are going to see her amongst the children. You wont know her until you have seen [her] there & amongst the old people of the workhouse. These children, brought up amidst all that tends to hardness & suspicion, find in her such a boundless trust, the atmosphere of such a gladness & sunshine that they are transformed as by a miracle of love.

God bless you. Take care of her whom I call still my Vechan. There is not in the round world another so strong yet so sensitive, so utterly independent yet so glad to be dependent where love is,—holding so much that is counted everything as so little, but all that makes the true life unutterably dear. God made you the happiest of men that she may be the happiest of women.

Yours heartily
M. Guy Pearse


{1} 18th.

Letter from Lady Durning-Lawrence to Emmeline Pethick-Lawrence

13 Carlton House Terrace, S.W.—Invites her and Fred to spend a few days at Ascot before she (Emmeline) goes to Egypt. The differences between Fred’s views and those of herself and her husband have prevented them from being close in the past, but ‘time … has passed on’.



13 Carlton House Terrace, S.W.
Oct 27

My dear Emmeline

In response to your letter we shall be glad if you & Fred will come down to Ascot next Saturday & stay till Monday or the Saturday after or if neither of these proposals are possible can you run down for the day so that we may see you before you leave for Egypt—

If you come for the day do not come Monday or Tuesday as I am changing the monthly to the permanent nurse on those days

I shall always retain my love for Fred & so will his Uncle, but our thoughts & views have gone in such opposition† directions that intimate intercourse seemed difficult

Time however has passed on—Baby goes on well & you will like to see her & her surroundings before you leave

Believe me

Y[ou]rs affect[ionatel]y
Edith J. Durning-Lawrence


† Sic.

Carbon copy of a letter from Lady Pethick-Lawrence to Vijaya Lakshmi Pandit

11 Old Square, Lincoln’s Inn, London, W.C.2.—Thanks her for her congratulations and wishes her a speedy recovery. Refers to the many bonds linking the Pethick-Lawrences to India, particularly in connection with the women’s suffrage movement, and expresses the hope that their feelings of friendship might lead to a real union between the two nations.

Letter from Vijaya Lakshmi Pandit to Lady Pethick-Lawrence

C/o John Day Company, 40 East 49th Street, New York 17.—Congratulates her on her husband’s appointment as Secretary of State for India and on his elevation to the peerage. Many Indians hope that a more enlightened policy will now prevail. Intends to visit England on her return from the United States. Has been in hos-pital and is still convalescing.

Letter from Frederick Pethick-Lawrence to R. C. Trevelyan

Fourways, Gomshall, Surrey. - 'Delightful' to hear from Bobby again and get his 'charming book of poems' [this year's "From the Shiffolds"]. Is still 'between the shafts' [as Secretary of State for India and Burma]: it is a 'fascinating but exhausting job' and he often works from 7.30 in the morning until midnight; if he can 'pull anything out of the bag about India it will be worth it'. The job of a cabinet minister is 'to reconcile the irreconcilable, solve the insoluble & generally to achieve the impossible!'. Emmeline joins with him in 'love and greetings' to Bobby and his 'circle. Adds a postscript saying that he likes the poem "Old Aeschylus" best, and 'feel[s] like that about modern music'.

Letter from F. W. Pethick-Lawrence to Emmeline Pethick-Lawrence

‘The Echo’ Office, 19 St Bride Street, Fleet Street, E.C.—Sends a welcome to await her on her arrival in Egypt.



‘The Echo’ Office, 19 St Bride Street, Fleet Street, E.C.
Oct 26 1904 {1}

So you will expect “a word of welcome from you boy to await you”—thts† what you said last night—Ah but your boy had it in his heart before tht†; you don’t suppose tht† when his Mums goes away, the laddie doesn’t make all preparations: you don’t suppose he doesn’t care do you girlie. Why course he does & a great hug “prevents” e & follows e.

“Mena House”. May it be a sweet place to e, little one, while you are there, and a dear memory afterwards. Here awaits your laddie’s Welcome.

Welcome girlie to Egypt, welcome to all the entrancing wonders of the East, & to the mysteries of ages, to the records of thousands of years of human thought & human toil & human love.

May this land hold for you joys & happiness & full delight till laddie comes himself to you and then just more still.

His heart is in your keeping & his life is just yours you darling.

Kiss Marie & Hetty for me & drink my health to night in the very best.

One more great hug



A few words are unconventionally abbreviated.

{1} The first three figures of the year are printed.

† Sic.

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