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Papers of Harold Davenport
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'Draft T. of nos Stanford'

Contents of an envelope so inscribed.
C.105: 'Analytic Theory of Numbers'. Ms. draft of a course of lectures, variously sub-titled.
C.106: 'Additive number-theory'. Ms. draft for course of lectures, with note on first page 'Analytic number theory ctd.'.
C.107: 'The Hardy-Littlewood method'. 22pp. ms. draft for lecture.
Created while at Stanford University, California, 1947-48, 1950.

Hall, M.

General correspondence on research and publications, including collaborative paper (Bibliog. 72).

Göttingen, 1954 and 1966

Correspondence with C.L. Siegel, re invitation to give a talk to the 'Mathematische Gesellschaft'. Davenport chose as his subject 'Simultaneous Diophantine Approximation'.

10pp. ms. draft for lecture, dated February 1954, in German, in several hands.

Hardy, G. H.

Hardy's communications are letters and cards in his distinctive spiky handwriting, often with parentheses and balloons of afterthoughts, some in pencil and few dated other than by postmark.
G.109: 1938, 1939
G.110: 1940. Appeal on behalf of H. Heilbronn.
G.111: 1941, nd. Undated letter (perhaps 1942) refers to 'an undergraduate here called Dyson who is very promising' [F. J. Dyson].
G.112: 1944, May-Dec. and nd. Mainly on revisions of `Hardy-Wright' but including a little general mathematical information.
G.113: 1944. Davenport's letter and revision of Chapter 24, October, and miscellaneous comments on other parts of book.
G.114: 1945, 1946, 1947.

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