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Pethick-Lawrence Papers Lawrence, Emmeline Pethick- (1867–1954), suffragette, wife of the 1st Baron Pethick-Lawrence Imagen Con objetos digitales
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Letter from Lord Pethick-Lawrence to Lady Pethick-Lawrence

Fourways, Gomshall, Surrey.—Has been reflecting on memories of their courtship. Is delighted that she is making such a good recovery.



Fourways, Gomshall, Surrey
Aug 14. 50

My dear.

I have just been listening to the beautiful & stirring music of Wagner. It has brought back to me old memories & the thoughts of how our love for one another was so closely intertwined with Tannhauser, the Ring and the Meistersinger.

I am so overjoyed tht you are making such a wonderful recovery. Soon after you come back to Fourways we shall be celebrating our 49th wedding day, & from then on begins our fiftieth year together. First will come your birthday but I dont think I knew about that fifty years ago. Nor did you know of the date of mine. But you went specially to the pillar box at Friday Street on Dec 27 to post me a letter and it arrived on my birthday morning!

Then we come to the fiftieth anniversaries of our May 12 & May 26 & how on May 27 you and I went together to Paddington to take “our” seat for you on the train to Weston.

Later I went with you to stay at Trewartha {1} & became one of your family. I came to Broadmoor and Littlehampton. We took Clements Inn and the Dutch House tht we rechristened the Mascot. We engaged Rapley who is still our faithful retainer.

Then on October 2 we had our simple ceremony at the Registry Office & the public function at Canning Town.

All these my darling we have to live over again.

So you can understand how glad your laddie is tht you & I will be hand-in-hand to live over again these great & stirring memories.

When we look around us & see so many marriages from which love has faded out it is a pearl above all price with which we have been blessed this love of our which has endured.

My darling
Your very very own

I shall post this tomorrow for you to get on Wednesday morning when I am due in Edinburgh.


The abbreviation ‘tht’ for ‘that’ occurs a few times.

{1} Trewartha, Bristol Road, Weston-super-Mare, the home of Emmeline’s parents.

Letter from Hertha Ayrton to F. W. Pethick-Lawrence

41 Norfolk Square, Hyde Park, W.—If the papers she sent were seized by the Government she will send others. Hopes the Pethick-Lawrences are recovering from their imprisonment, and refers to suggestions in the press that the WSPU should adopt Mrs Fawcett as its leader and abandon militancy.

Letter from F. W. Pethick-Lawrence to Emmeline Pethick-Lawrence

87 Clement’s Inn, W.C.—At today’s meeting they discussed the coercive measures introduced in the Transvaal and the Orange Free State, and it was agreed to form an unofficial committee to receive information from South Africa and act in concert with the Dutch.



87 Clement’s Inn, W.C.


Just going to bed, I see the stars are out & I think that will mean my Mumsey will sleep well. I kiss this at the foot {1}.

Courtney, Lehman†, Gooch & F Harrison and others were at the Mackarnesses this afternoon. One of the things Fischer talked about was the Peace Reservation Act which is a kind of stringent coercion Act enforced by Milner in the Transvaal & O R C {2} and prevents a man from saying or writing anything of which the Govt does not approve. It appears there is not much to be done but to protest.

The principal thing we discussed was the possibility of forming some sort of unofficial Committee which might receive information from S. Africa with a view to using it. How far could it act in concert with the Dutch in the T & O R C & with the Dutch Party in Cape C. We formed ourselves into a kind of unofficial body, which I regard more as as† bureau of information than anything else.

Mrs Mackarness was interested in J R M {4}, & I suggested they shd come to dine here with them some day, which she thought very pleasant. So I suggest Tuesday fortnight. Mumsey will be fit as anything by then; & I don’t think we have engagement. I have fixed up provisionally with the Ms {3} and unless there is anything to the contrary, will you send off enclosed.

Some time later I should like to ask the Bunces {5}.


{1} There is a cross at the foot of the page.

{2} Orange River Colony.

{3} Mackarnesses.

{4} James Ramsay MacDonald.

{5} Reading uncertain.

† Sic.

Letter from F. W. Pethick-Lawrence to Emmeline Pethick-Lawrence

‘The Echo’ Office, London.—Refers to the progress of work at The Echo and his plans for the winter.



“The Echo” Office, London


Just to send a greeting for the morning & to hope e will have slep’ well. Quite April weather has prevailed—what a long word to write in a letter to Mumsey I might hay been giving a press statement here, but boy has been happy, & thinking sweet things of his mumsey. All going along in regular order here, my great big baby of a double machine to which I wanted to give a turn, rolled along capitally without a break, Shepherd off to Croydon—an “Echo Inspector”, Glanze {1} the new man off to Erith thirsting to try his hand at it alone as he himself said, My Lord Duggins immensely self satisfied & contemptuous of all leg {1} work in starting Echo sales in furren parts meaning the Countree, Percy enveloped in the T U congress, Penrice the city inspector back pink & blooming from his holiday & all & many & in various occupations vigorous. But when work not on, Boy thinking of Mumsey & making plans for winter; what a ripping time we are going to have Beloved you & I; Boy going to take care of e right well & make e comfy & jolly for Boy do love e so.

Boy think it would jolly to have boys’ club, Boy make it hum {1}.

Boy finds Ada put your letters inside the box with your dress which I brought down on Saturday.

Boy send love & kisses about 100; 1 kiss for Dot ½ a kiss for Sister Mary ½ a one for all the others & all the rest for Mumsey

Her Own


{1} Reading uncertain.

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