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Letter from Edward Spedding to J. W. Blakesley

Spedding's father has written to Southey on Blakesley's behalf, has been tracking down Spedding's boxes, wants to hear of Blakesley's stay at Keswick, C. S. Townshend, springer spaniel called "Dash", Tennyson's stay - read the Legend of Fair Women and gave tobacco, Kemble and Tennyson's mimicry, Hallam on the Rhine, Donne looking to take in pupils

Letter from James Spedding to J. W. Blakesley

Dresden - Maurice's pamphlet, 39 Articles, "condition of thought", would like to see subscription to the 39 Articles part of the ceremony of commencement of MA, current Bills in Parliament, King made Astronomer Royal, has been abroad for his health, itinerary of European tour, will be returning early due to lack of funds, "not so fortunate as Alfred Tennyson in finding a family of young ladies to empty their full purses into my gaping pockets", has met Tieck, Tieck and Coleridge. Hermann, postscript of Yarrow Revisited, tendency of like to seek out the company of like, conversation the εργον of the upper class, philology

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