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Henry Hallam: folder containing three unbound papers

Two gatherings (one stitched and one of loose sheets) with chronological lists of developments in disciplines such as 'Antient [sic] Literature, Antiquities, Geography, Oriental Literature...'. One stitched gathering, entitled 'On the free motion of two bodies acted on by their mutual attraction', which may be in the hand of Arthur Henry Hallam.

Hallam, Henry (1777–1859), historian

W. A. Wright: Bible Revision (correspondence)

Correspondence, notes, and printed material largely relating to W. Aldis Wright's work as Secretary of the Old Testament Revision Company. Some letters addressed to the Dean of Westminster, A. P. Stanley; to Canon Selwyn, and to others. Includes letters from: Connop Thirlwall, Bishop of St David's; G. C. M. Douglas; E. H. Browne, Bishop of Ely then of Winchester; Frederick Field; John Dury Geden; A. P. Stanley, Dean of Westminster; Alfred Ollivant, Bishop of Llandaff; Hormuzd Rassam; William Selwyn; J. Troutbeck; Duncan H. Weir, James Cartmell; Bartholomew Price; Philip Schaff. Several copies/drafts of letters by W. Aldis Wright to others. Much material regarding the relationship between the British and American Revision Committees.

Wright, William Aldis (1831-1914), literary and biblical scholar

Henry Sidgwick: certificates of fellowships and honorary doctorates

Certificate, 9 February 1884, awarding Sidgwick an honorary doctorate of the University of St Andrews [item 2]. Certificate, 29 April 1897, commemorating the election of Sidgwick as a fellow of the Royal Society of Sciences, Copenhagen, on 9 April [item 1].

Certificate, 14 December 1898, recording the nomination of Sidgwick as a Fellow of the Royal Society of Naples, Academy of Moral and Political Sciences [Item 3]. Notice from the Italian Ministry of Public Education, 23 January 1899, approving Sidgwick's election, according to a royal decree of 18 December 1898 [item 4]. Letter dated 29 January 1899 from the Secretary of the Academy, Luigi Nizaghia [?], informing Sidgwick of his election to a fellowship [item 5].

Sidgwick, Henry (1838–1900), philosopher

Notes relating to the life of Henry Sidgwick

Notebooks: 'List of articles & reviews by Dr Sidgwick with remarks by E[leanor] M[ildred] Sidgwick', including several loose sheets and gatherings [item 1]; recording references to Sidgwick in the [Cambridge University] Reporter, 1870-1979 [item 2], Oct 1876-June 1886 [item 3], Nov 1886-1894 [item 4], 1895-1896, [item 5, labelled 1894-1896], 1897-1900 [item 6]; recording references to and contributions by Sidgwick in the Cambridge University Gazette, 1868-1869 [item 7]; 'University & College Reforms', also including two printed sheets (notes by Sidgwick re Council,12 Jun 1870, and re compulsory Greek [May 1872]) and one MS sheet of notes re the Syndicates [item 8]; 'List of Dr Sidgwick's Lectures from University Reporter, 1870-1900' [item 9]. Printed prospectus of Cambridge lectures in moral science, 1887-1888 [item 10].

Henry Sidgwick: notebook containing additions incorporated in the sixth edition of Methods of Ethics

Note on first page by E[leanor] M[ildred] Sidgwick explaining that Methods of Ethics was being revised when Henry Sidgwick died, and that the 'additions etc are in his handwriting and have been bound [she thinks] by Miss E. C[onstance] Jones who helped him with the revision and completed it after his death'.

Sidgwick, Henry (1838–1900), philosopher

Letter from E.E. Bowen to Arthur Sidgwick

Typewritten copy of letter. Refers to a piece he has written on Henry Sidgwick [see ADD.MS/b/71/3/3-5], which refers to the latter's undergraduate years at Cambridge. Gives his permission to use the piece in any way he wishes. Wishes that he could find some letters, but states that he could only find one letter in blank verse, which he sent to Nora Sidgwick. In relation to the writing of the memoir advises Arthur Sidgwick to 'sacrifice everything to shortness....' Accompanied by sheet, with explanatory note in ink: 'Copy of E. E. Bowen[']s notes about Henry'.

Bowen, Edward Ernest (1836-1901) schoolmaster

Typewritten copy of E.E. Bowen's reminiscences of Henry Sidgwick's undergraduate years.

Relates the occasion that he heard the news that HS had won the Craven Scholarship, and describes his wide-ranging academic interests. Recalls a walking tour he took with him in South Wales, and a competition they had to begin 'some stanza of the Odes that the other could not finish.' Refers also to the respect in which his opinion on various matters was held. Some amendments in ink.

Bowen, Edward Ernest (1836-1901) schoolmaster

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