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Gray, Alan (1855-1935), organist and composer
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Manuscript music on boards used by the choir of Trinity College

Compositions for four voice parts: treble, alto, tenor, and bass for Alan Gray's "Justorum Animae" and "Sanctus", all written in the same manuscript hand and pasted on boards. With 2 smaller boards with "The Grace" on one side signed by Gerard F. Cobb, April 24, 1874, and on the verso the treble and bass parts for "Deo Gratias" by Byrd, with the addition on the treble's card "The memory of the righteous shall remain for evermore" by Walmisley, and on the bass's card the printed grace of Trinity College and Byrd's "Non Nobis Domine" from Novello's Parish Choir Book.

Trinity College Choir