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Letter from Félix Peeters to Sir James Frazer
FRAZ/14/44 · Item · 2 Apr. 1928
Parte de Papers of Sir James Frazer

Brussels - He was not aware of Alton's articles as the 'Hermathena' is not to be found in Brussels; Alton was at the Royal Library at the same time as Peeters and asking for the same MS but Peeters was never told of this; he will wait to publish until Alton's article has appeared. Accompanied by Peeters' calling card and the envelope.

Letter from John Roscoe to Frazer
FRAZ/14/50 · Item · 22 Dec. 1922 [i.e. 1926]
Parte de Papers of Sir James Frazer

Ovington Rectory, Thetford - Thanks him for his letter; shares his recollections of the customs of the Uganda tribes regarding the year: they followed lunar months, but those in agriculture thought about the year; the new year started when the first thunder of the rainy season was heard; rainmakers tried to give reasons for variances and blamed the people for the neglect of duty; is working on lectures for Cambridge, which [Thomas Callan] Hodson asked him to give, but isn't pleased with a change in terms regarding the fee. Accompanied by an envelope.

Letter from T. E. Page to Lady Frazer
FRAZ/14/57a · Item · 28 Jan. 1926
Parte de Papers of Sir James Frazer

Woodcote, Godalming - Received a telegram Monday from Loeb strongly urging him to retain the 'Fasti' even if it took two volumes; saw George Macmillan and think they can agree if they settle the point of the notes, which he would like to retain, especially those for the intelligent non-subject reader; Macmillan will let him have his views in writing.

Letter from George A. Macmillan to Frazer
FRAZ/14/62 · Item · 15 Feb. 1926
Parte de Papers of Sir James Frazer

Macmillan & Co., Ltd. - Has decided on the more attractive of the specimen pages and instructed the printers to print in slips the portion he needs for the Cambridge lectures; the Commentary, Introduction and Index ought to make up a single volume; does not want him to work too much on a book outside the scope of his anthropological studies, and that would delay a second volume of 'The Worship of Nature'; had not contemplated illustrations, but 8 or 16 would do, and recommends G. F. Hill or J. Penoyre as qualified to make a selection for him.

FRAZ/14/72,75 · Item · 9 Mar. 1928
Parte de Papers of Sir James Frazer

Bodleian Library, Oxford - Are making rotographs of the Codex Mazarinianus; can only account for the Vatican estimate by assuming they meant lire rather than pounds or that they don't want it reproduced; Bodley normally asks that photographs be deposited in a public library, but does not ask it in his case. Accompanied by a card (FRAZ/14/75) acknowledging his application for rotographs.

Letter from Leonard Whibley to Rouse
FRAZ/14/76 · Item · 10 Mar. 1928
Parte de Papers of Sir James Frazer

Woodlands, Wrecclesham, Farnham, Surrey - Is no longer resident [at Pembroke] but has a copy of the James catalogue of mss. at Pembroke, and cites No. 280; the librarian is Attwater, but perhaps Minns would be willing to help.

Typed letter from Balfour to Sir James Frazer
FRAZ/15/2 · Item · 29 Jan. 1925
Parte de Papers of Sir James Frazer

4 Carlton Gardens, Pall Mall, S.W.1. - Acknowledges his letter suggesting an expedition by Roscoe to Central Africa, will have the proposal examined but warns the [British] Academy's funds are 'very exiguous!!'

Typed letter from Poincaré to James Frazer
FRAZ/15/16 · Item · 10 Nov. 1923
Parte de Papers of Sir James Frazer

République Française, Ministère des Affaires étrangères, Cabinet du Ministre - Thanks him for his note, which he views as an indicator that many of Frazer's countrymen are not misinterpreting the true intentions of France.

FRAZ/15/22 · Item · 22 Jan. 1925
Parte de Papers of Sir James Frazer

The Percy Sladen Memorial Fund c/o The Linnean Society, Burlington House, Piccadilly, London, W.1. - On Professor Seward's instructions, sends a copy of the application form for the Fund [for a proposed expedition by John Roscoe], established in 1902 by the widow of W. Percy Sladen with an annual income of £2000, given in aid of expeditions having the object of advancement of Biological Science.

Letter from R. Herbert Story to Sir James Frazer
FRAZ/15/25 · Item · 15 Jan. 1898
Parte de Papers of Sir James Frazer

Barskimming, Maughline, Ayrshire. Private - Asks if he would accept the Gifford Lectureship [at Glasgow University] for the years 1898-1900 if it were offered to him; he would like an answer that evening in advance of a meeting with Lord Kelvin.

Letter from J. H. Hutton to Sir James Frazer
FRAZ/15/35 · Item · 9 July [1937]
Parte de Papers of Sir James Frazer

Old Hall, Dolau, R.S.O., Radnorshire - Thanks him for the congratulations on being appointed Frazer Lecturer at Oxford, wishes he had anything 'adequate' to say, has thought possibly of addressing what souls are made of; will call on him when he is town; asks if he has seen Stanley Rice's 'Hindu Customs and Their Origins' with a chapter about totemism in India; supports the publication of his anthropological notebooks.

Typed letter from B. Malinowski to Frazer
FRAZ/15/37 · Item · 19 Aug. 1937
Parte de Papers of Sir James Frazer

Soprabolzano, Prov. di Bolzano, N. Italy - All students will be grateful for his decision to publish his anthropological notebooks; he had suggested in the past that Frazer publish them.

Typed letter from Paul Rivet to Lady Frazer
FRAZ/15/41 · Item · 31 July 1937
Parte de Papers of Sir James Frazer

Congrès International de Folklore, Paris - Is very pleased that the Frazers are going to attend the Folklore Congress; the Department and Musée National des Arts et Traditions Populaires is being created and will be run by Georges Henri Rivière, whose deputy will be André Varagnac; he will be happy to be listed among the friends and well wishers for studies of Frazeriana.

Typed letter from C. G. Seligman to Sir James Frazer
FRAZ/15/42 · Item · 12 July 1937
Parte de Papers of Sir James Frazer

Court Leys, Toot Baldon, Oxford - Gives his support to the plan to share the unpublished material, is sure the Anthropological Institute will want to join with the Folklore in supporting the project, but suppose the support to be 'platonic' as they 'have to find a new house'.

Letter from Lord Askwith to Lady Frazer
FRAZ/15/48 · Item · 2 Nov. 1933
Parte de Papers of Sir James Frazer

5 Cadogan Gardens, S.W.3. - Sends money [for a subscription to Besterman's bibliography] in both his and his wife's name; his wife says she is very brave; is sorry to hear of Sir James' poor eyesight; notices France is honouring Painlevé more at his death than they did in life.

Letter from Louis Clarke to Lady Frazer
FRAZ/15/64 · Item · 19 Oct. 1933
Parte de Papers of Sir James Frazer

The Old Granary, Cambridge - Is sorry to hear about Sir James' eyes; would like to order 4 copies of the bibliography; have far more students studying Anthropology than usual, no less than 30; Gregory Bateson is back from New Guinea with a great deal of material; mentions Professor Bevan's death; was in Austria in July and in Sussex in September.