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Hardern, Geoffrey Dean (1898-1945) pacifist and accountant
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Letter from Francis Birrell to R.C. Trevelyan

70 Elm Park Road, Chelsea, S.W. - Has just had the 'shocking news' from Geoffrey Hardern that Felix [Gicquel] has 'died of galloping consumption after a month's illness'; encloses the letter [no longer present]. Bob may also have had news of the internment. Geoffrey is 'very overwrought', and Birrell fears this may 'finally send him over the edge'. Finds Felix's death 'extremely distressing'; Birrell 'loved him very much indeed &... shall never [meet] anyone quite like him again'; is sure Bob feels the same. Wonders if Bob could write a letter to Hardern: understands if he cannot, but feels a letter 'from someone definitely considerably older... might be advantageous to his morale'. Has written himself in a 'rather unaccustomed strain... urging him not to collapse under this. After all, Felix was his only check'.

Letter from Félix Gicquel to R. C. Trevelyan

St Cloud. - Their friend Magdeleine Greslé's concert next Sunday at the Salle Gaveau is advertised; would be very pleasant to see Trevelyan there; asks if he would like to meet at the Madeleine metro station at two. Of course, if the 'silent Geoffrey [Hardern]', whose 'persistent mutism astonishes and pains' him, is back, Félix would be very happy for him to join them.

Letter from Félix Gicquel to R. C. Trevelyan

St Cloud. - Madame Greslé will be at home on Thursday, and will see Trevelyan with pleasure. Will meet Trevelyan and Geoffrey [Hardern] at five o'clock at the Palais-Royal metro station the evening of "Plus ça change" [revue by Rip]; they will go directly from home to their lovely friend's house. Was delighted to meet [Francis] Birrell. 'Here is the next peace!'. Wants to see Trevelyan 'again and again', so that when the Channel is between them once more, their friendship will be as strong as if there were no distance. His sister [Marguerite] will also be very happy to get to know Trevelyan, and will be at her friend [Madame Greslé]'s house. Adds a postscript with Madame Greslé's address in case by some accident he is unable to meet them and take them there.

Letter card from Félix Gicquel to R. C. Trevelyan

St Cloud, 1 Rue Royale; addressed to Trevelyan at the Mission Anglo-Americaine, 53 rue de Rivoli, Paris. - Much enjoyed his evening with Trevelyan last night at the Théâtre Michel. His sister's friend [Magdeleine Greslé] is not singing on Sunday, as the conductor, M. Pierné, is ill; her appearance has been re-arranged for Sunday 10 November. Gicquel will wait for that day to go to the Salle Gaveau; asks Trevelyan to forgive him for not following up on that idea. Would like to go to Versailles on Sunday, and had touched on the plan with Geoffrey [Hardern]; asks if Trevelyan would like to come.

Letter from Félix Gicquel to R. C. Trevelyan

St Cloud; addressed to Trevelyan at Hôtel Britannique, 20 Av[enue] Victoria. - Hopes that Trevelyan has returned satisfied with his journey. Will meet him as he did the other week next Thursday at the Palais-Royal metro station to go to Madame Greslé's house. Asks him to let Geoffrey [Hardern], if he is in Paris, know; received a letter from Geoffrey yesterday, dated 15 November from Manchester, which said he would definitely be in Paris tomorrow (Thursday) with his sister. Félix has written to Geoffrey at rue de Rivoli, but also at his request to him in England; thinks Geoffrey could not have got his letter before his departure, as he himself only got Geoffrey's yesterday. Asks Trevelyan if he has discovered whether Hirth [?] is a 'monsieur or a madame'. Will be glad to see him again on Thursday. Sends his regards to [Francis] Birrell.

Letter from Félix Gicquel to R. C. Trevelyan

Was very sorry that Trevelyan did not come to Versailles on Sunday: the front, all gilded, was 'splendid to see under the autumn sun'. Thinks that Trevelyan will have enjoyed his afternoon at the concert, however; asks whether the programme was good. It has been agreed that they will go to hear their friend [Magdeleine Greslé] sing Debussy on 10 November; if Geoffrey [Hardern] has returned his presence would add to the charm of the occasion. Has had no news from him, though he promised to write. Has a little flu at the moment, so is 'in fashion'. Asks if they can put off their next meeting until next week: they could go to hear Esape [?] at the Comédie-Française, so asks him to save that trip for him, and not to be enticed by de Banville.

Letter from Félix Gicquel to R. C. Trevelyan

Received a card from Geoffrey [Hardern] yesterday evening, sent from London and informing him of his arrival in Paris yesterday - Monday - at one; naturally could not see him then, but has sent him a message this morning at rue de Rivoli, and is waiting to see him now with great pleasure. Asks how Trevelyan and [Francis] Birrell are, what happened at five o' clock on Saturday, when they will next talk, and go to visit Madame Beaumont. Is waiting for Trevelyan to let him know when he has an evening free. His sister saw Trevelyan at the Yvonne Astruc concert, but was unable to speak to him.

Letter from Félix Gicquel to R. C. Trevelyan

St Cloud. - Thanks to the workers, who have brought them this holiday [the first May Day], he can write to Trevelyan. Has just looked out of the window: all the shops, cafés and businesses are shut; there are a few walkers despite the rain, who seem 'astonished... by this extraordinary rest'. Does not know what is happening in Paris: everything is calm here, but perhaps things are more disturbed in Place de la Concorde; will know tomorrow, as there are no newspapers today, [in an article appearing] between two related stories: one about the financiers in London, the other about the dinner of Count Brockdorff-Rantzau the [German] ambassador.

Feels as if he is talking to Trevelyan, despite the time and distance between them: has continued to think often and sympathetically about him, and is very glad to have met him in Paris due to a 'romantic idea of Geoffrey' [Hardern]: is also grateful for the friendship of that young man, who made a surprise visit to them last Sunday, He is at Dole, with his fiancée, and promised to visit when he returns. Gicquel's sister, with whom he often talks about Trevelyan, greatly appreciated Geoffrey's 'beautiful nature', and was also pleased to see him again. She and their parents send warm regards to Trevelyan. Madame [Magdeleine] Greslé is in Lisbon: her journey to Spain and Portugal was 'very rudimentary' in terms of comfort, and she wrote to Marguerite Gicquel that she found herself very far away and almost lost: hopes she does not flee [?] into a 'new revolution'.

Trevelyan is back as head of the family after his long months away: Gicquel greatly appreciates the work he has accomplished and the role he has played during the war, and his services as well as those his friends are still rendering are invaluable. Trevelyan can now live happily, proud of the labour he has accomplished, with his wife and child among all his books in his beautiful countryside. Sends all his best wishes to Madame Trevelyan. Counts on seeing the likeable [Francis] Birrell soon; he must be about to return [to France]. If Trevelyan sees him before his departure, asks him to let him know how pleased Gicquel will be to see him again in Paris; also asks Trevelyan to write when he has a moment.

Letter from Félix Gicquel to R. C. Trevelyan

Came back home late yesterday evening and found no news of Geoffrey [Hardern], so it was no longer possible to give Trevelyan a rendez-vous to go to Versailles with him today; is sorry that circumstances have not favoured their project. Asks if he would like to meet one evening this week: they could dine together at a restaurant, then go 'chez Molière' [to the Comédie Française ?] or elsewhere; gives an address where he can be contacted in Paris. Adds a postscript saying that he has just written to Geoffrey in England: supposes that he is still there, unless he has embarked directly for Palestine, or Tunisia, or Serbia.

Letter from Geoffrey Hardern to R. C. Trevelyan

Deloitte, Plender, Griffiths & Co., 18 rue Chauveau Lagarde, Paris (VIII.e.). - Their 'dear friend' Félix Gicquel died last night at home; he became ill with a high fever a month ago and declined inexorably, with 'signs of an awful despair' all the worse because of the 'enthusiasm & fine spirits' of so recent a time. The place Félix had in Hardern's life for four years will 'ever remain vacant', and he cannot bear the loss: if he loves France so much, it is because Félix taught him to. Is almost sure that Madame Gicquel will 'never recover': her husband told him last night that he thought her end would 'follow her son's quite close'. Would like to hear from Trevelyan very much, and asks him to call on him at the above address if he comes through Paris.