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Lowell, Amy Lawrence (1874-1925) poet
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Reviews of "The Deluge and Other Poems"

Newspaper cuttings with reviews, many sent to Trevelyan by the press cuttings agencies Durrant's and Romeike & Curtice; some duplicates. From: the "Times Literary Supplement"; "Aberdeen Press and Journal" [also reviewing works by Charlotte Eliot and Douglas Ainslie]; "Scotsman" [also reviewing works by C. S. Sherrington, Charlotte Eliot; Douglas Ainslie, Edna Clarke Hall and the Earl of Sandwich]; "Glasgow Herald" [also reviewing Ainslee]; "Morning Post"; "Birmingham Post"; "Yorkshire Post" [also reviewing work by Richard Hughes]; "Observer" [three copies, one with manuscript annotation at the bottom: '...I suppose B. has seen this already? Squire, I think']; "Manchester Guardian"; "Christian Science Monitor" [by Thomas Moult]; "Nation and Athenaeum" [also reviewing works by Squire, Carl Sandburg, and Humbert Wolfe]; "Spectator" [also reviewing works by Arthur Clutton-Brock and Alan E. Mulgan]; "Time and Tide" [by Thomas Moult; repeats the review of Trevelyan's work from the "Christian Science Monitor", adding reviews of work by Amy Lowell, Evarts S. Scudder, Ian Dall, Lady Ashmore and folk songs from Italy translated by Grace Warrack]; "Poetry"; and another review by 'B. S.' with no indication as to source. Also present, a clipping from "Vogue" with a photograph of Trevelyan, and a discussion of the Censor forbidding the production of Marc Connelly's "Green Pastures" from the "New Statesman", 7 Dec 1930, by Desmond MacCarthy, which quotes appreciatively from Trevelyan's "The Deluge".

H. A. Hollond: correspondence arising from the television programme in honour of Bertrand Russell's 92nd birthday

A letter from C. D. Broad to Hollond dated 22 May 1964 correcting Hollond's account of the interview for the television programme on Bertrand Russell, and expressing his desire to let Russell know that he had been interviewed but cut from the programme, accompanied by a copy letter from Hollond to Russell dated 26 May 1964 incorporating this information and enclosing a copy of a letter of protest at Broad's treatment to the B.B.C. television executives. Hollond's letter to Russell shares memories of Russell's visit to give the Lowell Lectures at Harvard University in the spring of 1914, mentioning the visit of Rupert Brooke, a dinner with Roscoe Pound, his reaction to a recital by Alfred Noyes, a visit with Mrs Fiske Warren, and a dinner party with Amy Lowell and Elizabeth Perkins; he also mentions speaking with Victor Purcell on the telephone after a visit with Russell, and remembering a conversation between T. C. Nicholas, and George Trevelyan about giving Russell a Title B Fellowship. With added notes at the bottom in Hollond's hand identifying people mentioned in the letter.

Hollond, Henry Arthur (1884-1974) academic lawyer and historian