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Add. MS b/120 · Item · c 1936
Part of Additional Manuscripts b

Typed pages containing Gow's notes and [Laurence's?] corrections. Accompanied by a typescript letter from Gow to Philip Gaskell [Librarian of Trinity College Library] dated 16 June 1968 and an undated four page letter from Peter [F. L. Lucas] to Gow about the poems at the back.

Housman, Laurence (1865-1959), writer and artist
R./2.40A/16 · Item · 9 Nov. 1970
Part of Manuscripts in Wren Class R

Trinity College, Cambridge.—Sends two letters relating to a letter of Byron given to the College in 1912 (R.2.40A/10).



Dr J. R. G. Bradfield, Senior Bursar, Telephone 58201
Trinity College, Cambridge, CB2 1TQ

9 November, 1970

P. Gaskell, Esq.,
Trinity College,

Dear Pip,

1912 Gift of a letter of Lord Byron

In the course of {1} reorganization of various old records we came across two letter relating to the above. They are enclosed herewith. Please keep them if you wish, but otherwise destroy.

Yours sincerely,
JB {2}


Typed, except the initials and a correction.

{1} ‘In the course of’ above ‘Continuing’, struck through.

{2} The initials are indistinct.

Add. MS b/63 · File · 1871-1907
Part of Additional Manuscripts b

Notes, correspondence and printed material largely relating to W. Aldis Wright's work as Secretary of the Old Testament Revision Company. Includes letters from: Bartholomew Price; the Bishop of St David's [Basil Jones]; the Bishop of Llandaff [Alfred Ollivant], two Bishops of Winchester [Harold Browne and Samuel Wilberforce) and the Bishop of St Andrew's, Dunkeld and Dunblane [Charles Wordsworth]. Draft letters from Wright to R. A. [?] Massie and the editor of the Rock. Printed correspondence, members lists etc of the Old and New Testament Revision Companies. Notes on the Psalms, the Athanasian Creed, 'The Rephaim and other giant races of Scripture' [no 44] etc.

Also present: what purports to be a frontispiece to the Coverdale Bible of 1535, with an engraved portrait of Coverdale 'from a Drawing in the Possession of Dr Gifford' [from Erasmus Middleton's Biographia evangelica of 1816?] and a copy of 'Coverdale's Dedication' and 'Myles Coverdale unto the Christen Reader' [from Bagster's 1838 printing?]. A note in Philip Gaskell's hand judges the frontispiece to be 'slightly fishy: cd be a block printed on old paper'.

Wright, William Aldis (1831-1914), literary and biblical scholar