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Lubbock, John (1834–1913) 1st Baron Avebury, banker, politician, and scientific writer
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Letter from W. K. Clifford to [Lucy Clifford]

Combe Bank, Sevenoaks.—Gives an account of visits to the Darwins and Lady Lubbock. Will be able to return home with the Moultons, who arrive today. Looks forward to seeing her and the ‘dear little kid’. Contrasts Daniel Deronda with and the writing of Mallock.

(Dated Wednesday.)

Copy letter from Avebury to J. G. Frazer

High Elms, Farnborough R.S.O., Kent. Dated 11. Nov. 1901 and 16. Nov. 1901 - Writes with corrections to the second edition of 'The Golden Bough', specifically the distinction between magic and religion, which he had pointed out years before Sir A. Lyall and Mr [William] Jevons in his 'Origin of Civilisation'. In the letter of 16 Nov. he writes to clarify that he does not regard Fetichism as synonymous with magic, and is the opposite of religion.

Copy letter from Avebury to J. G. Frazer

Kingsgate Castle, Kingsgate, Kent. Dated 18 Oct. 1902 - Knows he had a good authority for a statement, but will have to look up his source; 'It is a matter about which you might find difficulty, as of course such an arrangement would have to be kept quiet.'

Copy letter from Avebury to J. G. Frazer

High Elms, Farnborough, R.S.O. Kent. Dated 10 Aug. 1903 - Has asked Mr Lampson of the Chinese Department of the Foreign Office to look into Frazer's query; believes his previous information came from Sir J. Wade.

Copy letter from Avebury to J. G. Frazer

High Elms, Farnborough, R.S.O. Kent. Dated 19 Dec. 1903 - Makes a change to the paragraph Frazer proposes to insert; will think over an enquiry to the Chinese minister, wonders if they'd admit it, a remarkable form of heroism, but that reflects badly on Chinese justice.

Letter from James T. Knowles to Henry Sidgwick

Informs Sidgwick that Sir John [Lubbock's] paper 'on the "moral condition of the lower races of man"' is scheduled for Wednesday 12 January at 8.30pm. Asks him to let him know if he wishes to dine with the Metaphysical Society at 6.30. Approves of the subject proposed by Sidgwick for a paper, and asks him if it would be convenient for him to read it in March or April.

Knowles, Sir James Thomas (1831–1908) knight, journal editor and architect