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Archival description
FRSH/B/66-70 · File · 1937-1944
Part of Papers of Otto Frisch

B.66: 'A Pentode Vacuum Tube Scale-of-Two Circuit'. 4 pp. typescript and 1 p. figures for paper by Frisch dated July 1938. (Not listed in bibliography.) Included here is a request to reproduce the scale of two circuit in a book on cosmic rays, 1944.

B.67: Dated sequences of notes and figures, on circuits (1937), cyclotron (June-September 1938), Rabi's resonance method (4 pp. September 1938), etc.

B.68: MS and typescript note on Fermi and leading figures in nuclear physics, c.1938 (in Danish). Report on 'High frequency systems for the Cyclotron', by Dunning, Anderson, Booth and Glasoe, August 1938.

B.69: Drawings and sketches for apparatus (not all in Frisch's hand).

B.70: Miscellaneous shorter notes and figures by Frisch.