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Letter from Arthur Waley to R. C. Trevelyan

13 Hanover Terrace. - Glad that Trevelyan and [Gordon] Bottomley have 'managed to get some fun out of the No play'; it is not a good one, and he translated it only as an appendix to his book on Po Chu-I; this may get written now, as he has just been rejected again byy the army and hopes he will have a 'quiet six months'; will also translate some more No plays. Went to hear [Thomas] Sturge Moore read his Viking play [Tyrfing] yesterday; thought it 'very well done' and intellectually judged it 'a fine thing', but 'somehow' was not interested by it; this may have been because Sturge Moore's reading was 'downright bad', as he thinks it 'would act rather well'. Read the 'magnificent exordium' to the seventh book of Pliny's "Natural History" recently and quotes in Latin at length from the passage about man. Does not want Hakurakuten at present. Looks forward to seeing Trevelyan, perhaps in June. Hears Mr Ch'eng [see 17/3, 17/5?] 'made a great oration' recently at the Japan Society 'rather mocking at the self-satisfaction of the Japanese', which people say was a 'great success'. Asks whether Trevelyan has seen [Roger] Fry's exhibition of "Copies and Translations" from the old masters; some of those he saw in his studio were 'great fun'.

Returns to the letter on 11 June: has 'just discovered the later parts of Piers Ploughman [sic: Plowman]"; it is 'brilliant' from canto 16 onwards, but 'the beginning is so boring that no one ever gets as far'. The best canto is 18; expects Trevelyan 'found that out long ago'. Has translated a short, slight No play called "Hatsu-yuki, or Early Snow", about 'a court lady who loses a pet bird'; has not had time to do a longer one as he has been 'so immersed in exploring (in books) the Gobi Desert on behalf of Sir Aurel Stein'. Adds a handwritten postscript to say he would like to come for a weekend visit, if the Trevelyans could have him.

Letter from Paul Nash to R. C. Trevelyan

Has just received his newly-printed copy of "The New Parsifal" and thanks Trevelyan very much; will write again when he has read it. Was sad not to see [Eddie] Marsh the other day - asks whether Marsh wants to buy one of his drawings, and says he ought to - as he wants to interest him in his work. Would like to bring it out under the title of 'Georgian Art' and get Marsh to launch it, as Trevelyan suggested, following on from the success of the "Georgian Poetry" books; sends therefore a set of prospectuses, which he asks Trevelyan to return, and a suggested list of names, but does really want an introduction to Marsh. Is now at the Omega: on his first day, copied a design for a cushion of a man embracing a fish, then painted a candlestick, then had a talk with 'or rather from' [Roger] Fry. Thinks he will enjoy the work very much, and Fry pays him well; he is also to help restore [Mantegna's "Triumph of Caesar"] at Hampton Court, through which he will learn tempera painting, be paid more, and oblige Fry. Thanks Trevelyan very much for getting him into the Omega: 'you seem to help us all in turn, Rosalind and Rupert [Lee] sing a grateful hymn the day long'.

Postcard from Roger Fry to R. C. Trevelyan

Postmarked Folkestone. - Thanks Bob for his letter. Has seen P[aul] Nash and arranged for him to 'try his hand at decorative work [at the Omega Workshops]... a good test of where his real power lies'. Thinks Nash has 'imagination of some kind' and needs to find the way to use it; finds him very sympathetic and would like to have him with them. Has sold two of his own pictures. Is going [to France] for a while to see the Vildracs and some pictures.

Letter from Roger Fry to R. C. Trevelyan

Durbins, Guildford. - Has had a 'furious week' at the Omega [Workshops] and been too busy to make plans; hopes Bob will come over to see their things: thinks there are some boats Julian would like. Will come and stay the night soon with Bob; suggests Boxing Day; can cycle over if there are no trains. Adds in a postscript that they have 'a selection of modern French literature', chosen by [Charles] Vildrac, except that some books have been kept back 'because the customs house officers think they may be indecent'.

Letter from Marjorie Sharman at the Omega Workshops to R. C. Trevelyan

Omega Workshops Ltd, Artist Decorators, 33 Fitzroy Sq., London W. - Thanks Trevelyan for his letter, which she has received from Miss [Winifred] Gill. Heard from the printer this morning that the book ["Lucretius on Death"] will be out at the end of the week or beginning of next; will then send five copies for Trevelyan as directed. Twelve people so far have ordered copies; copies will also be sent to Bickers & Co. and Simpkin and Marshall [booksellers].

Letter from Alfred Paice to R. C. Trevelyan

Omega Workshops Ltd [using headed paper from Everard Meynell's "Serendipity Shop", Mayfair]. - Apologises for not being able to 'account for those few copies' [of "Lucretius on Death"]; thought that Trevelyan might perhaps have had more copies than were debited to him. Thinks it a 'fairly near account', though payment does not seem to have been received for several of the copies counted as sold by Omega, that is 'entirely our fault'. Cheque enclosed in settlement. Thanks Trevelyan for his 'tolerance in the matter'. Notes in a postscript that he is now working with Everard Meynell at his bookshop; thinks that Trevelyan may be interested in some of his books, which are 'chiefly 17th cent'.

Orders for "Lucretius on Death"

Printed flyers for Trevelyan's "Lucretius on Death", printed for the Omega Workshops Ltd. by Richard Madley; with note that payment might be sent either to Trevelyan at the Shiffolds or to the Omega Workshops. Handwritten annotations requesting copies by
1) J. M. Keynes, 46 Gordon Square, WC; originally enclosing postal order.
2) L. S. Woolf, Asheham House, Rodmell, Lewes, Sussex; originally enclosing cheque.

Letter from Alfred Paice at the Omega Workshops to R. C. Trevelyan

33 Fitzroy Sq., London W. - Gives the figures as 'near as [he] can get' of sold and distributed copies of Trevelyan's "Lucretius on Death"; the 'enclosed slips' [no longer present] give details. If Trevelyan agrees to this reckoning, will sent him a cheque when Mr [Fry] returns to town [see 19/40]. No more copies here as far as he can tell.

Letter from Roger Fry to Elizabeth Trevelyan

Durbins, Guildford. - Letter of condolence on Bessie's 'great loss' [the death of her cousin Bramine Hubrecht at the Shiffolds on the 5 November] of which he heard from Hubrecht. Is going to see [Paul] Nash's drawings if he can and has written to [Gordon] Bottomley. Has had a lot of work over the Omega [Workshops] and finances: such an institution is necessary 'if there is to be any real art in England' but he is 'not sure that the English will tolerate that'. There will be a show at the end of the month. Feels for Bob: Settignano sounds awful, 'it would be easier to write on an island in the Strand'.